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The Reason

I like to write.  That’s really the reason.  Every Friday, on Wattpad.com I post part a story I’ve been writing.  The first part was called J*A*D*E*S.  The newest installment is called s*t*a*r*s.  I wanted to create this blog to interact with people who read those stories, and who want to get to know the writer behind them.

I’m a crazy girl from Northern Maine who writes like a demon possessed sometimes banging out as much as 10,000 words a day.

I’m an observer of life.  I love to take pictures, watch people, see their reaction to things.

I am desperately head over heels in love with the woman I live with, Julia.  There is nothing better on this earth than seeing her smile.  (Okay, maybe seeing my nephews smile is right there along with her smiling).  My sole goal in life is to make her happy, to build a life with her, grow old with her and simply live.

I am a full time college student.  I go to school in Presque Isle, that’s in Maine (where I live) and transfered there this year from nursing to Physical Therapy Assistant.  I am currently doing my job shadowing requirement (and I love it!) I also put in 15-30 hours of work a week at a job I love.

I love to read!  I own a Kindle and a Kindle Fire.  I have over 15,000 books on my Kindle (no, I haven’t read them all!  Yet!).

So this is my 1st post and I’d like to post once a week, talk about the things that have happened during my week, what I’m writing about, what I’ve seen.  I may also post some of my photography.


Janet MG


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