Just A Maine Girl Embarking on Adventures


This is Storm.  And this is the look I get all the time from her.  The “I want what you have” look. 


Jules still calls Storm “puppy”, and I keep reminding her, she’s not a puppy anymore.  But, she is our big baby.  We got her about a month after Julia moving in with me.  Which would be abut a month after we started dating. Yup, we U-Hauled it – we had to be pretty committed, we got a dog together after a month. 

I was looking through the vast amount of pictures that I have and I found these a few weeks ago.





That was on the 1st night that Storm got her new home with us.  She’s was a pain.  A cute pain.  She had a funny looking cow nose and was shy.  (That didn’t last long!)


We learned pretty quickly that she chewed through everything.  Including her cords and collars.  And so we upgraded on those pretty quickly.



She’s getting older, and so are we.  She gauges the length of our relationship, so this year she’ll be ten.  She still has moments of “Puppy Like Activity”.  Like diving in head first into a snow bank this week and pulling us along on her extra long leash all summer long and smelling everything! 


I guess she’s still kinna cute.



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