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While I know The Hunger Games is the hottest thing on the block, I have a feeling when Carrie Ryan’s Forest of Hands and Teeth series does make it to the big screen, if the casting is done right and the zombies, yes, the ZOMBIES are done with perfection – it might not be of HG proportions, but it will be close (if done right).  For some reason, while I love the HG I adored FoHaT because I live in a place where there are trees, everywhere and the setting could very well be MY back yard.  I could see the Forest that Mary spoke of, so one day when riding 4-wheeler I took a few pictures that reminded me of that novel.  If you haven’t read it, I suggest you do Smile

IMG_2581 (2)





Comments on: "4.8.2012–Forest of Hands and Teeth" (2)

  1. HEY!!!
    I absolutely love the pictures that you posted. They reflect your love towards nature. The pic that has the the trees covered over the sky (before last pic)is just incredible. i would always assume that these types of pictures are photoshopped or unreal. But here you are proving that nature has its surreal views. so thanks 🙂 for sharing it

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