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Spencer removes the blazer, then the stiff white shirt, leaving her in a tank top and her neatly pressed black pants. She makes her way to the dungeon, once there she removes her leg and generates a new one of energy. “Heavy bag,” she calls out. The moment the bag appears, she throws a left hook, colliding with the bag hard. The impact feels good, the vibration ratting up her arm and the energy stores instantly inside of her.

She beats on the bag for what seems like a few minutes, but she knows it’s longer. “Brick wall,” she calls out and to her left a solid red brick wall appears. She rotates towards it, pivots and shoves her elbows into it. Calling out new materials, from steel, to cinder blocks, wood, anything solid, her fists destroying it, not using her powers, but just her brute force, no powers and she doesn’t use her energy to heal either. Blood splatters the dungeon floor. Eternals do bleed, they do get hurt, and Spencer needs the pain right now.

“Spencer!” calls out Tegan. Hot on her heels is Abby. “What are you doing?”

Spencer doesn’t stop; she hits her fists into the wall of rippled steel before her. Abby pushes past Tegan and grabs Spencer’s hand, which is bleeding profusely. “Spencer, stop,” whispers Abby. “Please, what are you doing to yourself?” Abby’s hand goes to Spencer’s face and she’s surprised to find it wet with tears.

Spencer’s face is pale and she feels the last of her façade breaking and collapses to her knees. Abby following her down, wrapping her arms around Spencer. The sobs are soft, but Tegan can hear them from where she stands. She hears Sydney and Rylee coming down the stairs. She opens the door and then closes it behind her. She faces down Sydney and Rylee. “Both of you need to go,” she says in a steely tone.

“What?” asks Rylee. “That’s my girl…”

“And my sister!” says Tegan in a heated roar. “This thing you two are trying to figure out? It’s hurting her. Back off, and Doyle don’t you go ‘porting in there, I’ll freeze your ass and I won’t let go for days.”

Sydney’s stormy green eyes waver. “I won’t.”

“Please, give her some time, both of you,” says Tegan. “You both need out of the JADES dorm, fine, but she needs space from the two of you playing puppet master with her strings, damn it.”

Rylee swallows away the tears, turns, and barges past Sydney.

“Go,” says Tegan.

And Sydney teleports away.


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