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The Reasons to Ride

I have been riding 4 wheeler or 3 wheelers since I was 12 or so.  My first ATV was a trike, 125DX Yamaha, it’s yellow.  I say it’s because it’s still alive.  My brother, Lee, has it now.  I liberated it from my dad a few years ago.  Last year Lee was over and I gave it to him.  I’d been thinking about giving it to him for a while, I think because we always had so much fun riding together.  My passing the torch, so to speak.  We had a LOT of good times on that trike.  Getting lost in the middle of the woods with my sister Lisa, who screamed my name, my FULL name and Lee on the back of the trike saying in this really small voice, “You’re in trouble now.” 

The 1st trike/ATV trails were rough, and sometimes almost non-existent.  Lee and I would venture all over the place. I remember him getting off the trike once, looking at two trees, nodding and saying, “I think it fits.”  When I got my 1st and, ONLY, 4 wheeler, he and I would take off for hours and hours.  I never brought a camera with me, and I wish I would have.  We rode.  A lot.  I still have my 1996 Yamaha Big Bear 350 SE, it’s not much, but it’s mine. 

His son, Rhys, has ridden with us a few times.  He loves to ride with Tante Julia.   I hope to see him riding that trike someday, ha!



Riding 4wheeler is one of those things you take for granted in a lot of ways, we don’t think it’s a big deal.  With trails that cut hard packed corridors through an otherwise perfectly green field.  Blue sky everywhere, cotton candy clouds and the fresh air.  There is no describing the smells, fresh, clean, dusty, the sweet scent of mud or flowers. 


I remember when most of the trails followed the power lines, and that was your key to where you were going.  Find the power lines and you’ll find your way to a trail.  Oh, times have changed.


I love capturing moments when I ride, but a lot of the time I don’t take the time to pull over and take a picture.  So, once in a while, I venture out on my own, just to take pictures.


A few pictures of the St John River last weekend, the water was completely calm, unmoving and perfect. 

Then I went to one of my fave spots, the Island in Lille and took a few pictures of the sunset.  I could sit on the causeway all day and just watch the water move.


These are some of the reasons why I ride.  I love nature, I love those perfect serene moments that you can sit back and remember when life gets hectic.  After a LONG day at work, and trust me, many of them are long, it’s nice to just get on the 4wheeler and – well – ride Smile 

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7.13.2012 – Quack



Years ago I started a story called Stormy Weather’s with a friend of mine, Windy.  Windy fell sick and the story went to the wayside.  I always wonder if someday we’ll revisit it.  Maybe I will, it was a sweeping epic tale set in the 70s and went back to the 50s.  The story was inspired, in a way, by pictures of the church in Lille, Maine. 

Sunset on Cold Mountain in Lille


I have a fascination with the sun, who doesn’t?  I’m writing a novel called The Girls Next Door and the setting is a larger version of the little mountain I stared at since my childhood.  The novel showcases a small town, the Tri-Valley area (fictional) but the mountain is real.  Maybe someday I’ll own the mountain (like my character Leigh Drake does).  Enjoy! 

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