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Mount Katahdin

It’s a big old hunk of granite that reaches out towards the sky to tickle the blue and be the first to be wet on those days where the sky is grey.

My brother, Lee, has always had a fascination with Mount K, for as long as I can remember.  Which, of course, means that I like Mt. K too. 







The splayed toes.  The look on his face.  The hair.  We’ve always said that Tyler has “my” hair.  Wayward, easier to take care of short.  This cowlick that will not quit.  Kids.  I think we have more pictures of Tyler because when he was a baby, I was just working.  I wasn’t putting in 5 hours a week studying, 10 hours travelling, 20 hours in class and another 20 hours at work.  I wasn’t writing novels every month, editing for friends and being a crazy, crazy person.  My fave shots of Sir Tyler. 


The hair.  Ty is only a few weeks old here and look at the mess of hair.  Yup, I have the same mess of hair.  The toes.  Priceless.  The face.  I want to know what he’s thinking.  And he’s with Tante Jules which warms my heart.  Who gave him his 1st ever baby bottle in the hospital.  Good memories.

100_0578 (3)

Can you say Gerber baby?  The cheeks.  The blue eyes.  The expression.  Perfect.  That’s Tyler, the 1st nephew.  Going blonde. 


One of my favorite pictures because it’s Tyler and Memere.  It’s nice to catch those moments and when he’s older he will be able to look back with fondness. 

14 (3)

I love taking the camera off that “auto” setting and playing with the different settings.  At 1st, I was wary.  It’s wonderful with digital you can practice all you want!  In the day of film, 24 pictures and a day later, you could look at your photographs and see if you did a good job.  Now, instant gratification.  I had just gotten my Rebel (see how cool that sounds?) and was working on getting a blurred background and a sharp image of my subject.  I took this with my 70-300 zoom, on the marco setting, of all things.  Standing far, far away from active kids can allow you to get some great, fun and rather decent shots.  As long as you can stay steady. 

That’s my post for now!  What are some of your fave shots?  Leave a link in the comments!

Photography–It’s Not ALL About the Camera

“What kind of camera do you use?”

That’s something I hear often.  Honestly, I have a Canon Rebel because they were cheaper than a Nikon and, I like the thought of having a Rebel.  Remember back in the day, when Andre Agassi promoted Rebels?  No?  I’m old. 

I was having a conversation with Ryan, my Clinical Instructor and we both take photos and both said that “What camera do you use?” is a very common question.  We both have similar cameras (they aren’t 300mpix, we didn’t pay an arm and a leg and a few toes off the other foot) and we agreed, the best camera is the one you have with you. 

Untitled - 233


Taken with a disposable camera, and scanned a few years ago.  Not sure how it came out so well, but it did. 


I had this really small, really cool digital camera.  It was a big megapixal.  ONE!  This is the sunset behind the old fire station in Grand Isle, where I lived for 10  years.  I love the sky and the sun and silhouettes. 

lake - 001

I think this was the 1st “good” picture I ever took.  With a cheap 110 camera.  This was scanned years ago.  I was driving my mom’s old “bomb” a Delta 88 along the lake road, pulled over and snapped the shot.  I only developed it months later. 


Dutch.  Jules took this picture with a point and shoot film camera.  Printed and scanned. 

Does that mean I have an eye for taking pictures?  I guess it does.  Does it mean I’m a better photographer than Joe Blow down the street?  Nope.  I just take “good” pictures.  I enjoy snapping pictures.  It’s fun.  If it ever feels like a job, well, then I’ll stop.  I’ve taken some stellar pictures with my cell phone because that’s the camera I had on me.  So over my time “away” from home I’m going to post some of my favorite pictures.  Some are good because they are just good, some are faves because of the story behind them.

Balloon Fest 2013

Last month was the annual balloon festival.  This is our second year in attendance.  Next year, as part of my “Oh my god I’ve graduated and have more than two pennies in my pocket” reward to myself.  I’m going for a ride.  I’m going to cough up the 180 bucks and go up.  Now, I’ll be going alone as everyone I’ve asked has said “Naw huh!”.  I’m not a fan of heights either, but the thought of what the views have to offer?  So going there. 

So this year, we had an added bonus.  My sister was going with her two kids, our nephews, Tyler and Ryan.  We don’t spend nearly enough time with them as we’d like.  Face it, I’m a full time college “kid” and when I go home I study, spend time with my wife or write.  We all met up and went for a walk around the staging are and we saw it.  The General Lee.  Eyes got wide and my sister and I smiled.  My brother, we’ve always said, is named after the General Lee. 




That’s Tyler, the oldest to the left and Ryan, the younger to the right.  The car really looked great. 

We walked some more and went to the bounce house.   Wasn’t a huge hit.  I think they preferred to check things out instead. 




They look nothing alike. 



And then, they took off.  One of the best parts of the day.

HDR-IMG_8745 HDR-IMG_8755 HDR-IMG_8760 HDR-IMG_8759 HDR-IMG_8766 HDR-IMG_8780


While the whole taking off thing is pretty darn cool, hot air balloons do something just as cool on the ground. 

They glow. 



The festival come around every year, opening part of August, if you’ve never been, I suggest you plot and plan for next year.  It really is worth it.  There are food venders, cotton candy (whooo hoo!) and a small craft fair.  And it doesn’t cost a thing to get in and watch.  Bring a sweat shirt for the chillier evenings, we do still live in Maine, you know.  And just enjoy. 

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