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TV Shows

So my friend, Ryan Whitehouse (BigCalfGuy.com) posted on his blog about TV shows.  Of course, I’m a big pop culture nut and ranted in his comments.  So I decided to grab those comments and make my own post.

These are the TV Shows I set my laptop/kindle/phone aside for, typically I write, semi-read the news and play with pictures, check HuffingtonPost, etc while we watch TV.



I began watching Castle for Nathan Fillion, a huge fan of his since (gulp) One Life To Live.  Canadian Born Fillion is a wonderful actor and not hard on the eyes.  The 1st episode hooked me.  Fillion didn’t hook me, Stana Katic did.  The short hair, the sassy the no holds barred take down approach.  I swear the character was written as a man and acted by this gorgeous woman.  Whom, until this, I thought was Russian (she was on Heroes previously w/a dead on Russian accent).  They (the producers, PTB) butched up Beckett from day one.  The suits.  The hair.  But her attitude has remained, softened in some ways, but she’s still the “I will get you” detective.


(season 1 Beckett)


(Season 6 Beckett)

For a full two seasons we watch as Rick Castle tries to charm Kate Beckett, their chemistry evolves.  Their first kiss wasn’t even a real kiss, but a rouse.  But their banter, (Castle biting his knuckle like a girl when Beckett teases him) has remained true.

(most of my ringtones are Castle Ringtones)

It has the humor element, decent acting, some of the plots are out there, but worth the watch. The characters are great, it has Easter eggs here and there, a pretty decent mystery piece and, it has Stana Katic.



Now I am usually a Marvel girl. Comic wise. I decided to watch the premiere of Arrow on the CW. I remember the lead actor from years before as a spin instructor on Queer as Folk (I liked his voice).

Then the Salmon Ladder – Oh.  My.  Goodness.

Once I got past the drool factor (Stephen Amell is eyecandy!) and got into the story it had it all. Mystery, redemption, action (oh the action) gadgets, a few pretty girls (Felicity!) romance, sex. Oliver was presumed dead when the Queens Gambit sank. I give props to Amell, he plays 4 different Oliver’s. Pre-Island Oliver the playboy silly guy. Island Oliver who is wimpy and beat and then Oliver Queen the son who has come back after 5 years of being away on an Island (alone) and he plays the Vigilant/Arrow. Their secondary cast of Diggle (his black driver, its a joke in the show), Felicity (his girl Friday), Thea (the rebellious sister) Roy (The wrong side of the tracks bf of Thea), Maura Queen (Oliver’s Mom), Laural (Ollie’s ex gf, whose sister died on the Queens Gambit)…. they’ve wicked guest stars, wonderful “Easter Eggs” for fans of DC comics. Season Two has just upped that to the point where I am counting down the days until the show is on Hulu.com.  Introduce the Black Canary.  (SPOILER!!!!)  I won’t say it, but I’ll show it.  Who is part of the League of Assassins and, just so much goodness.

And girls can do the Salmon Ladder too!

Tightly written, I’ve not yet found a “plot hole” as a writer I’m always looking for those. (Season 1 on Netflix and Amell runs his own Facebook page)



Starring Maine’s Own Rachel Nichols (follow her on twitter and instagram, funny girl and usually a blonde, FYI). Its about Cameron (Nichols) who is from the future and is thrust into the past along with several criminal elements who want to take down the world. There is a huge emotional element I wasn’t expecting and its all due to Nichols wicked acting. After a lot of missteps (Alias, Criminal Minds), she finally found a vehicle for her acting. Many of the cast are Canadian and that brings one thing doesn’t matter how good they look, if they can act, they are hired. The story lines are all how can I change this to not change the future, but several twists keep things interesting. The tech is fun, but for me that emotional piece and struggle for Cameron is what really keeps me hook to the show. (S1 and S2 on Netflix)

Lost Girl.


What is Lost Girl? Do you like well written, tightly woven, and intricately told TV shows? Then tune into Lost Girl, a Canadian produced sci-fi fantasy show starring Anna Silk (from Fredricton Canada, btw) as Bo. A succubus. The fae (werewolves, sirens, shape shifters and all other sorts of fantasy creatures) are the main focus here. BE WARNED! There is sex. Boy on girl, girl on girl, boy and two girls, name the combo, you’ve got it! There be a whole lotta kissing going on as Bo loves everyone.

Aside from the chemistry that Silk has with, well, everyone (no not kidding, let her sweet talk a telephone pole and ppl would watch). Well acted. Well written (and I have sat and watched this series TWICE and no holes, none! I love me a good script writer). Well acted. Well shot. It does not hide that it is in Canada, btw. I just all around love this show it is my guilty pleasure and I tell everyone about it. I am guilty of loving Lost Girl.

There is also action.

But aside from the kissing, the chemistry, the great writing, the stellar cast – there is Kenzi-isms.

(S1, S2 and S3 on Netflix)

We, Jules and I, have a list of other shows, but these are the ones that I do nothing but stare at the TV, picking up all aspects of every nuisance of every moment of these shows.  There are few shows I will “re” watch.  Alias, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Queer as Folk, being ones that I watch again and again.  (I own the 1st script of Alias, signed by the stars, GEEK!).  All the above shows, I’ve watched twice (if not more!).

Up Close

I love the marco option on my 70-300 lens.  I love getting close but being far away. 



Like Mr. Frog. Good luck getting a nice photo of Mr. Frog with a standard lens.  Either you’d fall in or Mr. Frog would take a powder. 


This is Dutch, taken from across the room.  She’s a cute cat, but try and get to close and that moment of cuteness is gone. 


At NMCC one day, Gail Roy comes to me and asks “Do you have your camera?”  Silly question, it is usually in my car.  Outside a small bat was nestled against the building.  The angle was odd, but this lil guy was cute!  


Out walking last winter and that lovely red in a sea of white.  And no reason to walk the quarter mile to get a nice closeup. 


To the naked eye, its just the air disturbance, but to a telephoto lens, it’s a plane in a full climb. 


Or you go off walking and come back to find your adorable nephew naked and in mid jump (the flower is post editing Smile)


One of my fave shots.  Taken on top of the mountain in front of my house – In the bigger photo, the shadows even display the webbing and patterns of the wings. 

That’s all for now! 

Jan Marie Smile

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