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Up Close

I love the marco option on my 70-300 lens.  I love getting close but being far away. 



Like Mr. Frog. Good luck getting a nice photo of Mr. Frog with a standard lens.  Either you’d fall in or Mr. Frog would take a powder. 


This is Dutch, taken from across the room.  She’s a cute cat, but try and get to close and that moment of cuteness is gone. 


At NMCC one day, Gail Roy comes to me and asks “Do you have your camera?”  Silly question, it is usually in my car.  Outside a small bat was nestled against the building.  The angle was odd, but this lil guy was cute!  


Out walking last winter and that lovely red in a sea of white.  And no reason to walk the quarter mile to get a nice closeup. 


To the naked eye, its just the air disturbance, but to a telephoto lens, it’s a plane in a full climb. 


Or you go off walking and come back to find your adorable nephew naked and in mid jump (the flower is post editing Smile)


One of my fave shots.  Taken on top of the mountain in front of my house – In the bigger photo, the shadows even display the webbing and patterns of the wings. 

That’s all for now! 

Jan Marie Smile

Comments on: "Up Close" (3)

  1. Jen Martin said:

    These are amazing!!!!!!!!!! Love Love them. I adore dragonflies!! Thank you for brightening my day!! xo

  2. Great shots! Which program did you use to edit the frog? The green on silver is fantastic. I’m a fan of the dragonfly, too!

    • I use a program called PhotoImpact, I’ve had it for 12 years, and get the upgrades free and the add-on packs free. The frog one is straight from the camera – the clouds were overcast and I took a few and was just able to get a good shot of it. I love the macro, but I must admit my lenses are getting older (had the 70-300 for 7 years now). If I can ever get out from being a CNA and work as a PTA, those will be my ”rewards” every year at income tax time, lenses! 🙂

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