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I decided to trek up into Colorado for a weekend, and hit up the state park outside of Trinidad.  Gorgeous lake and long hiking trails.  Bring tons of water.  Only downside when I went was the State Park Office was closed, and no maps were available.  The maps outside the building didn’t have miles (or round trip miles) on them.  The day was supposed to have been in the mid 60s, turned out to be in the mid 80s!  I still did about 6 miles that day





You can see the Rockies from the distance, pretty cool view.




I don’t remember the trail, the Coke-Something trail, I think.  Leads you down into this former river gorge with some really neat rock formations.  The sun wasn’t throwing up onto the rocks, so very hard to see the coloring. 

This is about where I met up with a rabbit, who was small enough to fit in the palm of my hand.  That being said, Mr. Mimi Rabbit darted out, I averted stepping on him, went flying onto my ass, hand in a cactus and over extended my right knee.  Darn rabbit had the audacity to stop and stare at me.  Lucky he was cute.  I like me some stew.




Bring water, bring snacks, download the trail maps ONLINE onto your phone before you head there.  Also, extra battery or battery charger if you are going on an extended hike and are going to be checking your phone. 


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