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So this is not a picture of Las Cruces.  Instead, its a picture of the angry sky the weekend prior, and a sand storm had just ended and another was picking up.  Sky  not happy.

(Between Roswell and Alamogordo)


I stopped in at Fort Seldon, in Radium Springs for a short lil dash through the ruins there.  A lot of the walls have fallen, and not much to take pictures of.  But I did get three nice close up shots of a wagon.  Still playing with my new lens, as we can see.




I headed into Las Cruces and visited the Mesilla/Downtown historic area.  Lots of places for great gifts, jewelry, Mexican blankets, artisans, and sweet lil spots to snag pics. 

I took two different pictures of the same thing, one when I got there, and one before I left (I had parked close by) I was aiming for the sun to move away so that the sky was a darker blue to contrast the brick. 



I love the peppers on the adobe.  I love the colors that they use down here.  The dark teals and the vivid reds. 


Just a random, cool looking ladder. 


Random, cool looking wooden door.


I swear, I love the doors and windows in this part of the country. 


A bench from the late 1800’s, said to be one that sat outside the courthouse where Billy the Kid was put on trial. 


Common, everyday, light fixture.  I just liked it.



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