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Bar Harbor

The week after I got home from nine weeks away, I whisked my wife off to Bar Harbor.

Note: My wife doesn’t like to do things outside our norm.  Little by little, we have been.  1 – we’ve never had MONEY to do this.  Not that we have that much more now, but there are many things to do that don’t cost an arm and a leg. 

I didn’t take many pictures, mainly because my camera (now upgraded) was giving me a hard time. 

We hit up Acadian National Park for a little hike, grabbed snacks, went to the beach (which I took no pictures of, instead I just watched my wife with glee as she visited the beach for the 1st time)


There is this really wicked hike you can take, walking on boards all around the pond – the water is crystalline. 









We are NOT the selfie taking couple.  Actually, I hate being in any type of photo at all.  However, Jules being at her 1st beach ever, had to be captured. 

Comments on: "Bar Harbor" (3)

  1. bigcalfguy said:

    Looks like a beautiful day! I can’t believe Jules has never been to the beach. Where did she grow up?

    • Here in Madawaska, we’re 5 hours or so from the ocean and her family has never really vacationed or gone anywhere. (Bangor was about it!) They’ve gone camping, but never “to the beach”. So, now she’s been to the beach and I’m sure she’ll want to go again. I’m hoping that during our Oct Vacation we can hit up the coast!

      • bigcalfguy said:

        She’ll certainly want to go again. There’s something about the ocean that just “draws” people.

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