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New Camera

So I finally gave in and got a new camera.  To most people, that’s not a big thing, for me – its HUGE.

1st, which one do you get?  2nd, how much do I pay?  3rd, what features do I want?

I never have been one to make big purchases, but I put aside a few bucks every week and started researching.  It came down between the T5, the T5i, and the SL1 (all Canons as I’ve a great 18-270 lens). 

I settled on the T5i, mostly for the sensor review.  I ordered it from Abe’s of Maine, out of New Jersey (I don’t ask questions!).  I got an email from the company and I had to call them, I found out that the battery life with the normal battery sucks, so I tagged on a purchase of a super sized battery. 

My 1st round of taking pictures was a nice sunset along the tracks.





Getting use to a new camera is always a curve.  How it feels, the settings, where the buttons are.  Thankfully, most cameras are standard, but there is ALWAYS different things you can do.  I’ve still got a few kinks to work out!

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