Just A Maine Girl Embarking on Adventures

Best of March


Aw, winter months!  The world looks far different when it’s covered in white and cold.


Taken with my cell phone on a morning after after a long night at work. 





Remy and Storm. 

Remy is our resident flirt and Storm was our “big dog” for 15 years.  She wasn’t a jump on the couch when we were there, but she did like to stick her nose up over the edge and give you “that look”.

2013-Grand Isle-20130321-00380

2013-Grand Isle-20130321-00381


This is Emerson.  Emerson has the best smile.

‘nuff said.




2016 brought me back to New Mexico, a job fell through, and back I went.  Not to northern NM, but more south. 

No.  Snow!


So this guy!  I was staying at an RV site, what had tiny cabins (awesome deal, btw!!) – and caught a glimpse of something behind my car before taking off for a day of exploring.  You got it – a peacock!


Space museum – a cool afternoon, and a wicked looking building – the reflection was great!  I never got around to going there at sunset.


Some hiking pics – an old 1800s train track – and the Carlsbad Caverns (which was cool!)



My romantic wife sent me flowers and, of course, that I had to take a picture. 


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