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Georgiana and Harvard Falls Trail–06-27-2019

Another After work jaunt!  This time I found another set of waterfalls to tramp around. 


I was very excited, the mushrooms are popping!  Great falls the lower ones are spectacular, and nothing like that sound as well. 


The hike after this started to get a bit harder, more rocks, more roots.  And a little less sun, which is great for taking pictures of moving water!


With each set of falls, the trail got slightly more difficult, and the falls got prettier.  Isn’t that how it always goes?


I sat down and looked over and saw this circle twisting around and instantly it reminded me of a cake, am I wrong??


So a 3 mile hike, due to going off the trail on purpose, and 4 hours later!  Tada!

Rock on, dot com!

Abandoned Trains in Bartlett, NH–06-26-2019

I went out looking for this place last week and didn’t find it.  Today it was hot, and the trailhead was packed.  So, I downloaded google earth (whoot for tech!) and found it!

Let’s start w/the black and white!


These are the color options, tada!  If you look super close, you can see the photographer (moi) in the lens ball.  I didn’t notice it when I was taking the pictures due to the bright sun. 

Did I mention it was hot?


Mt Pemigewasset 6-24-2019

Monday afternoon hike!  It wasn’t to hot, but boy the flies were killer!  And I had a ton of bug spray on too.


The views were worth the trudge thru the sometimes mud, the swarms of flies, and the heat. 


I had a weeee bit of fun with the lens ball.  It’s a cool thing to carry around.  I will, at some point, figure out how to flip the image, but I rather like it upright. 


Someone lost a pair of sunglasses.  It became a prop!


Thrifting and Night Shoot 6-22-2019

My sister in law, Vic, loves old stuff! and I love going out and looking for it…..



I hit up several places, talked to some people, and found a lot of what she was looking for!


Often she has to send me examples of what she is looking for because I have no clue Smile


I then took a nap (I know right!) and headed out to chase the millkyway.  It was super elusive this time around!  That’s okay I got the crab nebula in a few photos and then the moon rose and washed it all out!


I have to admit, the world looks vastly different in the dark of night. 


Frankenstein Tressels! 6-17-2019

Maybe its just the name, but I do like this place!


As an aside, one of the worst marked trails ever!

Also a tough hike, not a moderate trail at all, definitely on the hard side!


I am going to somehow get a night shoot here this summer!  I think it would be sweet!


06-15-2019–VT Road Trip!

Sometimes you do not need a destination.  My goal was to – drive!

I picked a road and drove, heading towards Vermont.  I picked a town.  Literally at random and hit – go!  Lupines!!!


I love playing with perspective and focal points, I’m not great at it, but I like doing it.  Looking at a flower from the ground up is different then when you look at it from above.


I loved that the clouds were coming in.  The sky is such an interesting place.  Some people love that sold blue.  I do as well, but give me interesting clouds any day!


As I mentioned, I am part of a Facebook Photo Page that does challenges.  Our challenge, if we accepted, I did, was “in the garden”.  So the last two weeks I’ve spent a lot of time looking a flowers Smile


I saw this out of the corner of my eye and totally brought me to Stephen King’s It!  The old MiniSeries?  Where he is standing there in the swampy area?  I don’t know, I loved it I promptly slapped on the brakes and ventured along the road, down the embankment, and snapped a few pics. 


Driving around I think in Lancaster?  I saw a trail on the side of the road by the bridge.  Stop I did!  I found this old abandoned factory.  So, in I went!


The most unlikely stops.  A Jehovah Witness Church.  Great pinks!


Last, but not least – I stopped over in Sugar Hill.  I had scouted this place for some night photography, it looks great in the daytime as well!


I have done night photography ONCE and it came out rather well.  I attempted it again, and fell flat.  Why?  My tripod didn’t rock.  Well, no it DID, it swayed back and forth and I didn’t get many good pics because of the breeze.  I have a new one now! 

These are the few pics that did come out.


The following day, I went to the Sugar Hill Lupine Festival.  I can say I did NOT take a picture of the pizza, but I assure you, it was picture worthy.


Sugar Hill is a small community but it’s gorgeous and friendly. 


This was at Hilltop Inn, the owner was sweet, I aske her if I could snap some flowers pictures she said to go right ahead, but I wanted to make sure, finding a stranger laying around on their belly on your lawn can be disconcerting!


My pizza in the making – ‘nuff said


I am part of a photo board on facebook, and I am pair with Shell, from O’ Canada!  Our 1st two week challenge was “In The Garden”.  A few of these flower photos ended up in the challenge.  She is editing hers, I may have to convince her to watermark hers and we can do a blog post. 

Rock On, Dot Com – 10-4

06-04-2019 – Arethusa Falls

I saw this parking lot a few weeks ago, and I knew after the pictures I saw online I wanted to go there.  I also need to go back for Bemis and Frankenstein Cliffs!


This is a moderate hike, not a lot of mud, you can hear the running water most of the time.  And then you see it.


After clambering around and getting down to the creek, you can scamper right up next to the falls if you are so brave!  I didn’t feel like getting wet Smile


I fiddled with some settings.  And a few things in lightroom – which is STILL a learning curve!


05-30-2019–Lonesome Lake

What a fabulous hike.  Hard as frak!  But a great hike!


A few smaller “water” areas here, some great wild flowers, some of the steepest inclines I’ve done in a long while as well!


Just when you think “Okay I’ve had enough!” you come to a flatter area and you see this wicked lil view, but oh, it gets better!



After clambering down to take these, I knew I had to go around “the lake”.  I had my snickers bar and started walking.  Yup, it only got better.


There is a wicked dock (and a place you can stay apparently up above I caught a glimpse of it, but didn’t explore that area).  A mom and a daughter were sitting there, having sandwiches and speaking, what I think, was Korean.  Made me smile, reminded me what it is like for people who don’t speak french when I do it with folks I know.


One of MY fave pics – up above!IMG_5639IMG_5642IMG_5645IMG_5654IMG_5657


Rhys and mirror ball. 

I gave Rhys my old Rebel, with a simple lens and he came over Saturday to get some pictures in.


The potato field was like a desert and super sandy!  Made for taking fun pics!


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