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and Superheroes!

Rhys and I took a few shots of the superheroes the other afternoon.


My wife got a few new hummingbird feeders……


Then the rain came.  And I played with shutter speed.  A stream of fast moving water becomes a drop and a drop of water becomes an all out explosion when landing.


Then – the hummingbirds – after I finished putting them up, I sat on the patio for a few moments, and the next thing I knew – swat!  My Superman hat goes flying AND I get hit in the head by a zinging hummingbird…… 



My first stop, after getting some establishing shots on teh track,  was Pelletier Island’s causeway.  While driving one evening, I eyeballed it and thought I might have a good shot at some photos.  I was correct!


Then, in my trek around the lake – I found myself at the boat landing – across from Pelletier Island! 


Then I stopped in at Lakeview, but no joy – it was behind the mountains.  So, me and the HRV took off and headed up towards Eagle Lake – and in a potato field…..


I struck a bit of gold in the 1st photo.  A shoot star!  I get rather lucky when I go out and tend to catch one every time. 

Sunsets & Superheroes–05-20-2020

Our friend, Jodi, got Jules and I some pop funko figures “just cuz” so I spent a few mins w/the kids taking some poses!


Then the sun began to set……


Day w/the Kids

I ventured up to le lake and had a day w/the kids while their mom went to finish some hours for her classes.  Viv picked the toys, and we took some pictures. 


No plants were hurt during this photoshoot!

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