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4-8-2018–Barns and Rust

I had some blankets to toss into the laundry last weekend and decided, on the way there, that the sun was just right to stop and check out this old barn in Grand Isle with the Acadian Flag painted on it. 

Barn – Grand isle, maine





No the paint didn’t bleed!  This is just how lovely the reflection was. 





Rusty and old truck








After the laundry mat, I took a lil jaunt up a back road and snagged a few pics of this brilliant old truck and a few other items there. 




Don’t ask me the name of this bird, he was knocked out in the middle of the road.  I pulled over, kept him close for a while and he woke up – and sat on my car for a while, then took off!


Best of March


Aw, winter months!  The world looks far different when it’s covered in white and cold.


Taken with my cell phone on a morning after after a long night at work. 





Remy and Storm. 

Remy is our resident flirt and Storm was our “big dog” for 15 years.  She wasn’t a jump on the couch when we were there, but she did like to stick her nose up over the edge and give you “that look”.

2013-Grand Isle-20130321-00380

2013-Grand Isle-20130321-00381


This is Emerson.  Emerson has the best smile.

‘nuff said.




2016 brought me back to New Mexico, a job fell through, and back I went.  Not to northern NM, but more south. 

No.  Snow!


So this guy!  I was staying at an RV site, what had tiny cabins (awesome deal, btw!!) – and caught a glimpse of something behind my car before taking off for a day of exploring.  You got it – a peacock!


Space museum – a cool afternoon, and a wicked looking building – the reflection was great!  I never got around to going there at sunset.


Some hiking pics – an old 1800s train track – and the Carlsbad Caverns (which was cool!)



My romantic wife sent me flowers and, of course, that I had to take a picture. 


Best of February

This is the best of my February’s.  It’s interesting to see what I was doing in Feb of each year.  Sometimes there are no pictures from certain months, and sometimes to many to pick from!


It was not often that Storm got onto the couch, usually when I wasn’t home!




I had just gotten my “newer” lens.  A wider angle that was used – but worked astonishingly well. 





In 2015 I began working as a traveling PTA with Alegiant Healthcare – and its taken me many different places.  Colorado, Mass, all over Maine, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico.  Which is where these were taken, at the White Sands in Alamogordo.  The door handle is from the Ekland Hotel and Clayton, NM







Maine!  I spent a year in Deer Isle/MDI area. 



Best of January

Someone suggested to me to make a “best of” my photos.  I have to be honest, that’s a LOT of pictures.  So I’ll be doing this every last day of the month (if I can).  I went all the way back (as far as I have saved) and rummaged around in my January folders. 






Stormy, on the couch, where she shouldn’t have been! 




My first time in Deer Isle, while working at the nursing home – I was there a short time – 9 weeks or so, but it’s a place I’ll definitely want to go back to again and again.





Snow Storms from HELL! 

Nuff said




My 2nd time in Deer Isle (I just realized I spent two winters there in the last 3 years).  So many pictures to pick from – but these are my faves.






There is a long story behind this kitten.

It’s mom, now named after my wife, Julia hung out at our house for a few months.  Jules fed it but wasn’t petting her.  I get home in May and on 1st time seeing her, picked her up and she was simply sweet.  She was a muted grey color and cute. 

We had no idea she had KITTENS. 

Long story short, we captured her and brought her to PAWS in Fort Kent, the next day, someone delivered her kittens to PAWS.  Reunited. 

My wife then started in on “Oh it would be nice to have a kitten.”  Our current two, Remy and Sage are both 8 this year.  I said “No,no, no no no no no.”

ALL THE WHILE!  I’m in contact with PAWS trying to adopt this little split faced muted calico! 

Yes, I’m devious but romantic at heart!

Finally, on Friday before picking up the new kitten, I sat down and confessed to Jules. She called me evil while smiling and laughing.  I am evilly romantic is my problem.  Typically!  Jules picks out our animals, this time was my turn!  That lil munchin with the devious lil half and half face was mine!  I was naming her Quinn after Harley Quinn of Batman lure (Harley Quinn has this duel ponytail thing going on, one is one color, one the other, split – so the split faced look was perfect.  Also, she looked mischievous and, well, Harley Quinn IS a super villain)






She sleeps BETWEEN us in bed, or on Julia’s pillow.  When Jules goes to work she thinks its playtime and wakes me up.  Sage and Remy are warming up, but slowly.  That is our new addition to the Super Hero Family (Storm after the XMan, Remy after Xman Remy Lebeau, Sage after the Xman)  I finally went DC and even villainess!  Imagine that.

I couldn’t picture my wife calling a cat Ollie or Black Canary, of The Flash…… 

Skylite Drive-In



I have several great memories of the Drive-In. 

In 1982 I have a vivid memory of going to the Drive-In with my best friend, Jason, his mom and his little sister, Joy.  I remember watching Joy fight sleep and I’m not sure if she succumbed or not.  Not long thereafter, Jason and Joy moved to Florida.  The year after I watched Return of the Jedi, and while I’d watched the other two movies previously this one seemed to capture my 10yo imagination and I realize that imagination had no limits. 


There are very few good Drive-Ins that still exist; they are like the dinosaurs, slowly dying out, leaving their bones of fallen screens and broken speakers. 

In the 50s they were packed solid virtually every evening, in the 70s, many turned to porn to make ends meet.  In the 80s they began to fade away to the big cinemas and sit down theatres.   Summers were for enjoying time with your friends, socializing, but kids aren’t like kids used to be – twitter and facebook and text messages are their way of socializing.


We never realize what a little nugget of history we have here in Northern Maine with the Skylite, and how many people have never been to a Drive-in. It’s still family owned and family run, Evan or Devon man the dough boy making, Donna takes your cash. You can chit chat while you wait and catch up and share a few laughs.


When Jules and I began to “date” we never had a lot of cash, but we managed to go to the Drive-in a few times a summer. It was “date” night. Dough boys, soda, a movie. A rare late night as we are usually in bed early.


You can still sit outside and listen to the speakers (yes, they work!) Or sit in your car and tune into the radio (or use the speakers!) or do as many people do, bring chairs and enjoy the movie under the stars. 



I hope this wonderful place never disappears and turns into a relic as many of the other drive-ins in the US have.  That even if we drive out each night, that we can eternally drive-in, stay, have a fried Oreo (its good!  I SWEAR!), a dough boy, maybe even an gigantic pickle – bring the kids and have them experience a sliver of history.


Kasey’s House

Houses are far more than 4 walls and a few doors and a place to sleep.  They are homes, they are safe and they are the place we always yearn for. I’ve known Kasey for six or more years, and I remember during the 1st year of our friendship, we happened by the farm house and she said, “And that’s the house that goes with our farm.” 

It was one of those old homes with character and I thought it would have suited Kasey (and her family) just fine. 

The house is now hers (and Andrew’s of course!).  Make sure you check out the full albums Smile 


Jules and I bought an old house, but one that has already been “fixed up” in many ways.  I offered Kasey my Wednesday off to help out.  She said “only if you can.”  I consider Kasey family, so of course I could.  I came armed with my camera. 

I love doors.  I have a small door that leads to the cubby under our stairs.  I love doors.  I love door handles too. 


There is something about the dark, gleaming, wood doors and the old door handles with intricate designs. 


Oh that little peep hole.  The swirls and the black gleam of the knob, and when you turn the knob you hear the mechanisms shift and pop the door open, letting you thru. 

Door Collection


I love light switches!  I have this old, battered, turny light switch.  I will never replace that light switch.  Ever!  Kasey has some lovely funky push button switches.


In most of the upstairs rooms, each wall has a pair of lights on the inside wall.  Makes for a lovely perspective shot.


Each room is unique.  Which, is a lot like every member of the family.  Each member is unique and different, but part of a whole.



What do we do w/mason jars?  We drink from them of course – and I take pictures of them. 



The trim, and the swirls and lines and the shine.  All part of how an old house will never be out of date, or never be worthy of redemption. 


This is a sill that is at the head of the stairs, so when we are all tramping down the stairs like a herd of elephants, we miss these details.  I love them. 


This is the hinge of one of the closets.  The detail and craftsmanship is always mind blowing. 


Our staircase at home looked a lot like this, but not in as good shape.  We opted to tear is down and put a build in book shelf instead.  This is the view if you lay down and rest the camera on the floor Smile

The house has this wicked, awesome place to sit and read.  I want it.  I may have to incorporate that into the extension we want to build in a few years. 



These are just shots of things that are unique and different and wonderful.  I bet I could walk thru the house a few more times and find different ways to take shots of things. 



I HDR’ed a few photos to pull out some of the stunning details.  It was worth the time to HDR and see what the camera saw that I had missed. 




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