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06-24-2020–Sunsets, R&R Tracks and Wicked Skies

The camera, at times, can catch more than what the eye can see.  Like the milkway, for example.  I don’t over saturate or over HRD my photos, I try and keep them as close to what I see as possible. 


I played with my settings and let in more/less light for different shots. 


This sometimes allows me to get a deeper color in my photos without having to drag those sliders way over into “that’s to much” land.


06-15-2020–20 Mins of sunset photos!

The light started to change and I ventured out into the back yard to take a few photos – all of these were taken w/in 20 or so minutes and all in my back yard.


A few shots of the Iris’ and the blooms on Jules apple tree.


The potato fields right out back from my house. 


There is our super humble abode – and a wickedly awesome sunset.


I had to lighten these up a little to get the details out Smile


Moving into the side yard – when the light started to change again. 


My beloved railroad tracks.  And, hello there, Canada.


And lastly, my fence.  I wasn’t ever planning on putting up a fence but – you know – unruly neighbors – but no that it’s there, I love it!  It gives me a fun spot to take photos off and giving me some contrast and texture in my photos. 

Sunsets & Superheroes–05-20-2020

Our friend, Jodi, got Jules and I some pop funko figures “just cuz” so I spent a few mins w/the kids taking some poses!


Then the sun began to set……


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