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Quarantine Day 2! 3.18.2010

I’m not working at the moment, so when my sister in law’s kids were not going to school. I said “I’ll help!” 

My SIL has some great props around the house, so today whilst my niece and nephew were doing homework, I took out the camera.


My niece, Vivian, started to rummage in my camera bag and found all my legos.  We went over all the names, and how to sound them out (She’s 4) – and after a while, I sat by the Typewriter and she brought me each super hero – and we sounded out their names, and she found the 1st letter than correlated to the superhero’s name.  We gotta get creative, right?


So to all the moms and dads who are struggling w/the kids being at home – we got this.  We can all pitch in and support each other from afar and – well, we got this.  Until them – Dream Big Smile


Littleton, NH–06-29-2019

I took a quick walk while antiquing for my sister in law, and took along my Rebel. 


Thrifting and Night Shoot 6-22-2019

My sister in law, Vic, loves old stuff! and I love going out and looking for it…..



I hit up several places, talked to some people, and found a lot of what she was looking for!


Often she has to send me examples of what she is looking for because I have no clue Smile


I then took a nap (I know right!) and headed out to chase the millkyway.  It was super elusive this time around!  That’s okay I got the crab nebula in a few photos and then the moon rose and washed it all out!


I have to admit, the world looks vastly different in the dark of night. 


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