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Archer– 09-13-2019

We adopted Archer when he was 9 months.  He is reliving his “oh my god pain in the A$$” puppy phase.  So when I go home, I try and bring him for a longer walker. This time we made it up the mountain in Lille.


He’s a calm boy outside, inside is a whole other thing!

05.24.2019–Time @ Home

We welcomed a new addition about a month ago, his name is Archer.  He’s slowly starting to fit in and get used to us and us to him. 


Back yard beauty!  I love my back yard and don’t spend enough time in it, since I travel. 


I went off for a walk to the pond and snagged a few pictures around an about. 


The light was great – spring brings different subjects to light


I walked up Ricky T’s driveway, I always find something to take a picture of there.


I then hit up the old Church, and got a few good shots.  A bit haunting to be honest.


And then – the tracks!


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