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11-12-2020–Five Minute Photo Shoot–Presque Isle

I had to go to Presque Isle for work.  The sky was some interesting colors, so I pulled over – and snagged a few photos.  I used both the flash and no flash – I found the flash did a great job of highlighting the wood on the cabin, and made it pop with a faster shutter speed. 


11-09-2020–My Office

When you do homecare, your car is your office.  I choose to see this as a positive.  When I was in Hancock County I would often find different places to park to call my pts for the next day. 


I went into a pts home and the sky was the prefect blue – so I took out my Rebel and took a snap.

Then, coming out, an hour later – the colors began to surface. 


I drove 2 miles down the road to the boat landing, snapped a few photos and then called all my pts. 

Backyard Beauty Rainbows and Clouds

It was a sunny day, until….  a soft little drizzle while we were out having a fire….


And then we got a double rainbow.  Super faint at first. 


And then it got brighter, until I had to speed up my shutter or it was blurry.


I decided to head down to the back yard and snag a few photos from a different angle.


Then, as all rainbows do – it was gone and the clouds turned pink and the sun set.

Sunflowers at Night with a Guest Appearance by the Milkyway–08-21-2020

A quick 15 min batch of sunflower photos. 



My first stop, after getting some establishing shots on teh track,  was Pelletier Island’s causeway.  While driving one evening, I eyeballed it and thought I might have a good shot at some photos.  I was correct!


Then, in my trek around the lake – I found myself at the boat landing – across from Pelletier Island! 


Then I stopped in at Lakeview, but no joy – it was behind the mountains.  So, me and the HRV took off and headed up towards Eagle Lake – and in a potato field…..


I struck a bit of gold in the 1st photo.  A shoot star!  I get rather lucky when I go out and tend to catch one every time. 

04-18-2020–Night Shoot and Sunrise

I decided it was time for a night shoot!  Shooting time is shorter, it seems.  I ventured out around 130 am, having left my camera outside to get used to the “cold” for a few hours. 


I headed up to Long Lake and none of the spots I wanted to shoot from were suitable (to much light).  I did find one, but I wasn’t happy with it.  So I ventured back towards Grand Isle and found a spot near the Golf Course.  After a few snaps there, I hit up the boat landing in Grand Isle. 


I noticed the moon was rising and headed into the sunset.  I had a place in mind.


Victoria’s Tree!

I knew the sunrise wouldn’t be super crazy spectacular – no clouds to capture the light, but I knew the colors around the tree would be fabulous!

I was right!


And lastly – back yard beauty!

Quarantine Photo Shoot #3–04-05-2020

Look at this! Glitter!  My wife came to to me having glitter on my face……this is the crazy stuff going on ppl!


I had some left over glitter, and a mini bucket – voila!  Nothing goes to waste – thankfully, my kittens haven’t gotten into it – yet!


I’m working on light and shadows – and light sources – I used a stationary light to cast shadows from different angles.  Something we had in the cellar.  Then in post, using lightroom, I’m working on different processing.  Preserving the colors and not washing them out, and not darkening the shadows to much either. 


I bought 3 small buckets for a buck, and a bag of letters!  I didn’t know what I was going to do with the letters at the time, but then, voila!  Part of these photoshoots are about pushing imagination.  And – you know, glitter!


The teapot is something that I found up in a cabinet – it’s Jules’.  I strung my keys on a bracelet that we bought somewhere for a few bucks.  The background is some sort of cooking things.  Yeah, not kidding!  Of course, I have my keys which always make an appearance. 


Love will conquer all – That’s all for this installment! 

Quarantine Day 2! 3.18.2010

I’m not working at the moment, so when my sister in law’s kids were not going to school. I said “I’ll help!” 

My SIL has some great props around the house, so today whilst my niece and nephew were doing homework, I took out the camera.


My niece, Vivian, started to rummage in my camera bag and found all my legos.  We went over all the names, and how to sound them out (She’s 4) – and after a while, I sat by the Typewriter and she brought me each super hero – and we sounded out their names, and she found the 1st letter than correlated to the superhero’s name.  We gotta get creative, right?


So to all the moms and dads who are struggling w/the kids being at home – we got this.  We can all pitch in and support each other from afar and – well, we got this.  Until them – Dream Big Smile



The view from the mountain!  I thought I’d get some super bright colors but I was wrong, but the one mile hike up and down was great!

Next time – STAR shots!

















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