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Quarantine Photo Shoot–3.26.2020

As the world knows, we’re on lock down.  So I’ve been slightly bored, and sick, I have bronchitis.  But, I was feeling creative the other day.  Out came the camera!


Firstly, meet Domino – he’s one of our new kittens (his brother, Nimbus comes around later) – He decided to photobomb me.  I have been watching a lot of Peter Peter Mckinnon on youtube,  He’s a vid blogger from O Canada and his style of photography is wicked cool. I can’t afford his presets – but I have watched most of his videos so I’ve been recreating some.  He has some great early vids about texture, and etc.  Very much worth a watch!


I spent a year and a quarter of my PTA career in Stonington, ME.  One of the things I loved to do, was find places to photography the sunset, or even the middle of the day.  Inevitably, you find sea glass.  I’d always go home with a pocket full, and then come home to Northern Maine, and put them in jars.  My sister in law was kind enough to give me a few new ones so I spent a some time dividing them into smaller, color coded jars.  When the sun hit, it really picks up the colors.  I used a basket for some textured background.  And my keys made an appearance, of course. 


As you can see, Domino came back for a 2nd guest appearance.  I took out my lens extenders, that changes the focal point and allows you to take pictures closer in macro.


Say hello to Nimbus – he is more of a poser and decided that my photo table was now “his” and I decided to do some snaps of the lil guy. 


After Nimbus took his leave, I played some more with a few objects – and then in post, several different *looks*.  I’m going to try and do at least one day of photos a week during this lock down time, gotta do something, right? 

Abandoned Trains in Bartlett, NH–06-26-2019

I went out looking for this place last week and didn’t find it.  Today it was hot, and the trailhead was packed.  So, I downloaded google earth (whoot for tech!) and found it!

Let’s start w/the black and white!


These are the color options, tada!  If you look super close, you can see the photographer (moi) in the lens ball.  I didn’t notice it when I was taking the pictures due to the bright sun. 

Did I mention it was hot?


Aroostook Randomness–6-2-2018

I headed up to my cousin, Bonnie’s place, for some shallots.  And snagged theses pics.



B&W or Color? 









If you look around, you never know what you’ll see or find.  A run down house can be extraordinary.  A singular, old mailbox, can be stunning. 

Best of November


Until now, I’d had a film camera – then my lovely wife bought me my first DSLR – a 10meg pix Canon Rebel SL – bare basic, stripped down camera. 

2010 - IMG_0845

Right outside Lajoie/Gran Prix Farms in VB. 

2010 - IMG_1023

2010 - IMG_1018


I still had my bare basic SL at this time, which is STILL in my closet, btw.  However, I was steadfast that when I got home I was getting an “all in one” lens because hoofing around a wide angle and a telephoto was getting heavy. 

2015 - hrd-IMG_2731

2015 - hdr-IMG_2714

I love doors, well, I love a lot of things.  This is in Taos, New Mexico in the pueblos.  What a gorgeous area. 

2015 - hdr-IMG_2693

Mountains in Colorado.  Just gorgeous. 



Ah, I spent the year here, in Deer Isle.  A lovely angry sky night!

2017 - hdr-IMG_9033

2017 - hdr-IMG_9039

I was out chasing the light one evening and ended up not where I thought I was going – I took a left and not a right – I ended up here, close to a private peer, I think.  And I got some great purple light that night!

2017 - hdr-IMG_9019

2017 - hdr-IMG_9021-1

2017 - hdr-IMG_9023

I did this lovely B&W challenge, the below was taken with my phone. 


Best of May


One of my first digital shots.  I was walking our dog, Storm by the tracks and off these guys flew over head.  I took this from “the hip”

2007-016_14 (3)




This is Storm, she was sad this day because the retaining wall had literally fallen – thanks to the flooding!






The house pictures are my friend, Kasey’s home.  I did a series of black and white and color and the B/W are FAR better looking than the color- and then Mr. Hummingbird. 



A left over from the previous fall – in clear water. 





NOT Fiddleheads!  I just liked the light and shadow – my reward for this pic – a wet butt an a great picture!


Granite Quarry off Oceanview in Stonington, ME! 


Scott’s Landing – found as is!  I just lined up the shot!

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