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Bridal Veil Trail–4.22.19

I decided to hit up the trail after work.  I didn’t make it TO the falls, because – well I am slow and I take pictures!  I will have to hit it up at noon on a nice cloudy afternoon this summer.


After about a mile, I knew I was not going to get to the 2.5 miles in mark to the actual water falls, but I also knew I heard running water!  Off the trail and into the woods we go!


Yes the keys are back!  I have another “series” I’m working on, but I do think that will be an instagram only gig!


Very worth the dashing down and following the water!  Also, it was 74 in the woods and a nice, cool, 68 down here.  Also, prettier!


I had to scamper around a lot, got dirty, and sweaty and had a blast.  Part of the down side of being away from home is, well, being away from home.  The upside, is the experience and the adventures I can have. 


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