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11-01-2020–Mini Photo Shoot

I got bored!  I had gotten some new light sources and thought – One minute each “pose”. 


A seashell Jules found in Machias.


A few knickknacks.


Played around w/the brightness of the light sources and positioning. 


A clam shell and bracelets – I used a few different gradients on these for fun.

Backyard Beauty Rainbows and Clouds

It was a sunny day, until….  a soft little drizzle while we were out having a fire….


And then we got a double rainbow.  Super faint at first. 


And then it got brighter, until I had to speed up my shutter or it was blurry.


I decided to head down to the back yard and snag a few photos from a different angle.


Then, as all rainbows do – it was gone and the clouds turned pink and the sun set.

Sunflowers at Night with a Guest Appearance by the Milkyway–08-21-2020

A quick 15 min batch of sunflower photos. 


07.11.2020–Milkway in the Back Yard

I was intending to go out taking photos last night.  But I was outside by the fire and the stars looked SO inviting!

First rt one, to get an establishing shot of where the milkway was, and the mustard field by Misty Meadows.


So now that I was in my truck, I gave myself a limit of 1 mile from home.  Next I headed over to the island in the St. John River.  The bright orbs on the left are Saturn and Jupiter. 


Then I jaunted over to the pond, I knew the moon would be coming up soon and my time was running out.  I did get photobombed by fireflies.


Last stop was the cemetery in Lille.  With the moon coming up, as well as the light from the street, I knew I’d be out of time pretty quickly.  I played around with some settings as well as some Lightroom editing to see what I could bring out. 


07.09-2020–July Randomness

Before heading out to run some errands, this web was on my hammock.


The Buck Moon on the 4th of July.


Then a double rainbow and some raindrops on flowers. 


6-19-2020–“I’m going to stay up until sunset” photoshoot.

Well, that didn’t happen.  I invited my nephew, Rhys to come out doing some night photography with me.  I don’t think he understood the scope of the undertaking.


We took a test shot and Rhys thought it was cool.  He was slightly off put by the dark tho! 


I had him pose for a photo.  I came out slightly blurry because he never cease to move!


We caught some falling stars as well! 


We stopped at a barn in Van Buren and avoiding the cars lights were fun, but full on worth it!


The last stop, because, Rhys, at this point was snoring, was the Acadian Village.  I got some pretty decent shots there.

Here is hoping to a clear night again soon!


I took out my camera on a rainy day and attempted to get some lightening photos.  Nada! 


Quarantine Photo Shoot #3–04-05-2020

Look at this! Glitter!  My wife came to to me having glitter on my face……this is the crazy stuff going on ppl!


I had some left over glitter, and a mini bucket – voila!  Nothing goes to waste – thankfully, my kittens haven’t gotten into it – yet!


I’m working on light and shadows – and light sources – I used a stationary light to cast shadows from different angles.  Something we had in the cellar.  Then in post, using lightroom, I’m working on different processing.  Preserving the colors and not washing them out, and not darkening the shadows to much either. 


I bought 3 small buckets for a buck, and a bag of letters!  I didn’t know what I was going to do with the letters at the time, but then, voila!  Part of these photoshoots are about pushing imagination.  And – you know, glitter!


The teapot is something that I found up in a cabinet – it’s Jules’.  I strung my keys on a bracelet that we bought somewhere for a few bucks.  The background is some sort of cooking things.  Yeah, not kidding!  Of course, I have my keys which always make an appearance. 


Love will conquer all – That’s all for this installment! 

Portland, ME–12-28-2019

A mistaken sent text to Mel, landed me an invite to her new home – whooot!

We headed out for a bit of exploring and I snap some photos, of course!


From there we went to PHL – I wasn’t feeling any of the areas, 1 – to many PPL!  2 – to  many ppl!!


The sky changes so quickly sometimes, you think that you are in a different place



Of course I had to take out the Green Arrow, and My lens ball.  I alternated between the ball and the lighthouse – so I got the colors that shifted in that short, 30 mins. 

Balloon Festival Re-Visted

Sometimes you take a set of photos and are just “not happy” with them.  This is what happened when I was in New Mexico a few years ago (4!).  I didn’t, at the time, have lightroom.  I have over 300 gigs of photos so going thru every single set is – near impossible.  This was a set that I wanted to give another shot.


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