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Best of April

The great thing about being a Traveling PTA – well, the travel! 

I adored New Mexico – vastly different than the eastern side of the US – and I’d go again (I totally want to retire in Alamogordo!)





Angry Sky – pretty much says it all!










I love working on perspective – getting down on my belly, back, looking up or down at something.  We typically look at the world from one POV – standing upright and head on. 



One of my VERY few cell phone pictures – and HDR’ed in photoimpact – I couldn’t miss out on this really cool looking metal and rope bell hanging there.



This was sort of my “rust” series.  It’s amazing what mother nature does to the world at times. 







Sand Beach, Stonington, ME – This has been my BEST selling photo.  I had so many requests via Facebook that I sent along canvas prints – there are great colors in this shot!




Years ago I started a story called Stormy Weather’s with a friend of mine, Windy.  Windy fell sick and the story went to the wayside.  I always wonder if someday we’ll revisit it.  Maybe I will, it was a sweeping epic tale set in the 70s and went back to the 50s.  The story was inspired, in a way, by pictures of the church in Lille, Maine. 

Photo(s) of The Day 3.11.2012

I want to try and post a picture or picture set a day, with a little blurb about it – and on Fridays do the silent picture moment. I sorted through photos yesterday and I have over 3,000 digitalized pictures. I’ve only had a digital camera since 2009, at least, a GOOD one. My wife, Julia, bought it for me. Previously she had gotten me a great Canon Rebel (film) and I do have many of those, but on disc. My goal this summer is to back them all up so that I have access to them.

Lille Church

The church in Lille has been going through renovations for as long as I can remember. I don’t remember mass being said in it, but I remember going IN it when I was young. If I was supposed to be there or not, I don’t remember that. It’s gotten a face lift in the last few years. This is what it looked like previously.

This is what it looks like now.

OUI, the original color WAS green. Maybe that’s why I’ve always had a fascination with it. The following are pictures of a May sunset, if I’d had a tripod they’d have been much better. That’s my next investment. The 1st one is an HDR version of one of the pictures, so it’s been modified to look just like we see it with the human eye. Enjoy

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