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The Loss of Cravings-3.15.2012

This really isn’t a PotD post – instead this a devastation of the day post.  It is a very well known fact (amongst our friends) that Julia and I LOVE going out to eat at our fave little diner in Grand Isle: CRAVING!  No matter what we eat there, we love it.  It’s “our” place.  It really is.  We bring my mom there every year for her birthday, we go for our birthdays, we go every week.  When Lauri sees us and she calls out, “It’s the girls! Hi girls, this is what’s for dessert!”  You see, that’s our running joke because Lauri is the Queen of the Dessert.  Today, my mom called to tell me that Cravings was burning and it wasn’t looking good.


At 1st we didn’t move.  Then we said, “We’re going.”  We wanted to make sure that Lauri and Lee were okay.  As we got to the scene Julia pointed to someone that looked like Lauri.  I wasn’t sure.  But, yes, it was.  She’s wiping her eyes, holding her head and this was only the beginning of the gut-wrenching, heart-breaking day.








There is no words to convey or explain how it must feel to lose everything.  For two years, Lee and Lauri have struggled to make this business successful.  Right before Christmas, Rachel, their beloved waitress, was in a horrific car accident and passed away.  Each time we walked in, we missed her, but we WENT anyway.  To support Lauri and Lee, and I’m a lot like Dean Winchester on Supernatural if you can make me a bacon cheeseburger to die for, I’ll eat there forever.  And they deliver, each and every time.  We would go out to eat there all the time, sometimes JUST for dessert that is how decadent it is!  So good. (and these are just a few, my Facebook friends see the posts every week of the desserts and the food!)



This is one of Lee’s creations an its so good!  There are chicken tenders, some bacon and a whole lotta other stuff NOT on our diet – but, its oh so very good!



That was the strawberry chocolate cake that we had last week, we went JUST for dessert.  And to say Hi, the week never felt complete unless we saw Lauri and Lee.

I hope that if they can, Lee and Lauri rebuild.  And I hope that the folks of Grand Isle, and the St. John Valley, pitch in and support them, and all the other people who have always said, “Oh I want to go, but I haven’t yet!”  I jokingly told Lee that we could use this as publicity and he smiled, little does he know my mind spins like no one else’s.  Their income is gone, the place they called home 4 days a week is gone, the people that they saw every week won’t be there every week.  They have lost a huge chuck of their lives.

I know that Julia and I will be there if they need stuff hauled away, painted, or if they just need a shoulder to lean on.  Things like this can be devastating but sometime there is a cosmic plan.  Our thoughts are with you, Lee and Lauri and we are here when and if you need us.

Love “The Girls”.

PS to show everyone support, please share this blog on your Facebook, Twitter, etc.  And then ask ppl to friend: Cravings! – on facebook!  Just to show our support!


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