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Georgiana and Harvard Falls Trail–06-27-2019

Another After work jaunt!  This time I found another set of waterfalls to tramp around. 


I was very excited, the mushrooms are popping!  Great falls the lower ones are spectacular, and nothing like that sound as well. 


The hike after this started to get a bit harder, more rocks, more roots.  And a little less sun, which is great for taking pictures of moving water!


With each set of falls, the trail got slightly more difficult, and the falls got prettier.  Isn’t that how it always goes?


I sat down and looked over and saw this circle twisting around and instantly it reminded me of a cake, am I wrong??


So a 3 mile hike, due to going off the trail on purpose, and 4 hours later!  Tada!

Rock on, dot com!

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