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Around and About – Maine

One of the best parts of working this home care job, is the places I go and things I see.  Typically, its go, go, go.  But I can get out of the car, snap 10 pictures in under five minutes.  I just have to drive fast to make up for the time, right?  (I’m joking!)



These are the same pictures, one is HDR’ed slightly more than the other – its an old rushed out truck sitting somewhere around Harbour Side, Me.  On these wicked twisty, turn roads.





I love how the ice makes jigsaw puzzle like patterns on the edge of the water!


Taken from the front walkway of the Boyce Motel one fine evening in Stonington, Me


This is what happens during laundry time – I get bored and take pictures of things….. name that object!


There is beauty in everything – and in everything there is beauty.






I drove this area last year, but this lovely motorcycle, I had never seen (more than likely covered by snow).  This year, during one of the many thaws, I spotted it on my way home and snagged a few pictures.  Interesting how the rust bleeds through the paint – they sure don’t make em like they used too!


The River Rises–3.22.2012

Typically, the walk that Julia and I took today  happens, oh, in April.  Where we go out back, for the first time without snowshoes, walk the tracks and checkout the rising water.  But, this year we did it today.  About 3 weeks early.  For the last two days we’ve had 70 degree weather.  In Northern Maine.  There are times when we don’t see 70 in June, much less May and April, but March?  IMG_5597

The river is about a quarter of a mile from the tracks, and I’m standing right on the tracks where I took this picture.  Yup, its rising.  We didn’t walk to the island, but that might be an adventure for the weekend.  HRD-IMG_5608

The river always rises, always threatens, always rages.  We’ve flooded before, but I don’t think we will this year, as no rain is in the forecast.  But, we’ll see, Mama Nature has her own plan.

Julia always comments on the ‘blue’ of the ice.  It’s one of those colors that looks odd in the water, dirty water, dirty snow and this liquid clear blue that is oddly surreal. 




Also, the ducks are back.  And the Geese.  A month early.  Give or take.  I’m rather excited to see what summer brings this year. 


Winter Day

It hasn’t snowed all that much this winter (come on, folks! A few winters ago we had 200 inches of snow!). Yesterday I got home and snowblowed my drive, at least, part of it so that my Yaris wouldn’t get caught on a drift (it’s a small car!). This morning we got up to Ricky plowing our drive (he does a wonderful job) and a nice, crisp, cool, yet sunny day was unfolding – so, of course, the camera came out.

There is nothing like the blue of the sky the day after a snow storm. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the contrast of the blue and the white, or the cold and the sky. I truly don’t care. It’s always breathtaking. The sun lights up the snow, it sparkles and twinkles, it’s pretty.

A camera can’t capture, no matter how hard we try, the perfection of nature sometimes.

The sun warmed the icicles on the back of our garage, one drop at a time fell back to the earth, changed from one composition to another – just a simply pretty sight.

So, as much as we complain about the snow, it is brilliant to look at. While it’s cold, it brings a simple beauty to our world, covering things up, accenting others. Instead of stopping and smelling the roses, we can stop and take in the winter beauty.


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