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Bar Harbor

The week after I got home from nine weeks away, I whisked my wife off to Bar Harbor.

Note: My wife doesn’t like to do things outside our norm.  Little by little, we have been.  1 – we’ve never had MONEY to do this.  Not that we have that much more now, but there are many things to do that don’t cost an arm and a leg. 

I didn’t take many pictures, mainly because my camera (now upgraded) was giving me a hard time. 

We hit up Acadian National Park for a little hike, grabbed snacks, went to the beach (which I took no pictures of, instead I just watched my wife with glee as she visited the beach for the 1st time)


There is this really wicked hike you can take, walking on boards all around the pond – the water is crystalline. 









We are NOT the selfie taking couple.  Actually, I hate being in any type of photo at all.  However, Jules being at her 1st beach ever, had to be captured. 



The splayed toes.  The look on his face.  The hair.  We’ve always said that Tyler has “my” hair.  Wayward, easier to take care of short.  This cowlick that will not quit.  Kids.  I think we have more pictures of Tyler because when he was a baby, I was just working.  I wasn’t putting in 5 hours a week studying, 10 hours travelling, 20 hours in class and another 20 hours at work.  I wasn’t writing novels every month, editing for friends and being a crazy, crazy person.  My fave shots of Sir Tyler. 


The hair.  Ty is only a few weeks old here and look at the mess of hair.  Yup, I have the same mess of hair.  The toes.  Priceless.  The face.  I want to know what he’s thinking.  And he’s with Tante Jules which warms my heart.  Who gave him his 1st ever baby bottle in the hospital.  Good memories.

100_0578 (3)

Can you say Gerber baby?  The cheeks.  The blue eyes.  The expression.  Perfect.  That’s Tyler, the 1st nephew.  Going blonde. 


One of my favorite pictures because it’s Tyler and Memere.  It’s nice to catch those moments and when he’s older he will be able to look back with fondness. 

14 (3)

I love taking the camera off that “auto” setting and playing with the different settings.  At 1st, I was wary.  It’s wonderful with digital you can practice all you want!  In the day of film, 24 pictures and a day later, you could look at your photographs and see if you did a good job.  Now, instant gratification.  I had just gotten my Rebel (see how cool that sounds?) and was working on getting a blurred background and a sharp image of my subject.  I took this with my 70-300 zoom, on the marco setting, of all things.  Standing far, far away from active kids can allow you to get some great, fun and rather decent shots.  As long as you can stay steady. 

That’s my post for now!  What are some of your fave shots?  Leave a link in the comments!

A Little Thing Called Love

I met Jules (Julia) on my 1st night a Highview Manor in 2000. She was this shy girl who smiled really quick and somehow that night I got her to giggle. I liked her instantly. At the drop of a hat instantly. We became best friend and then Jan & Jules. We’ve always been JUST Jan and Jules. The girls next door. The shy one and the loud mouth (You can all figure out who is who, right?). Overall, everyone has been supportive, I think sometimes seeing people happy together allows people to just see it’s not about gender, but just about one thing: love.


Lots of things have happened since we’ve been together, we’ve become Ma Tante’s (Aunts) together, we’ve laughed, cried, held each other’s hands when the other is sick, we argued (rarely, but it happens), we’ve struggled, we’ve talked, we’ve held each other close, we’ve supported each other not matter what, we’ve kept those lines of communication open at all times and we have loved.


We’ve grown together and not apart. We allow each other to be ourselves. The good. The bad. The not so cute. We take in sickness and in health seriously. We listen. We are honest. We have a wonderfully supportive family, on both sides and friends who have never treated us like anything less than a true couple. We’re “The Girls”.


We’ve both said we’d have gotten married the moment we moved in together. On our 1st Christmas together we go titanium rings with eternity knots and the Kanji symbols for Soul Mate inscribed on them. We wore them on our right hands, since we couldn’t get married. That WAS our wedding rings. We have been married in our hearts for almost 10 years. Today, we took off the right handed rings and put on the real wedding rings. Blessed, legal, and true. While The Fed Government doesn’t yet say it’s legal, our great state of Maine, says it is legal.


Being a same sex couple isn’t easy.  You field the oddest of questions.  And offers (sperm anyone? that will always be the funniest one). You get odd looks sometimes if you are holding hands. Get asked if you want separate checks.  People assume you just haven’t found the “right” guy.  But it’s real and we are here to stay.


So, today I became a Cyr. And Julia gained a legal wife and visa versa. Marriage is a big commitment, but we have been married for a long time, now it’s legal. So, on with the love and the laughter, and thank you all for your support.


Jan and Jules

this moment 2.3.2012

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. Inspired by SouleMama.

If you have a ‘moment’ to share, leave a link to your post in the comments for all to find and see.

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