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04-18-2020–Night Shoot and Sunrise

I decided it was time for a night shoot!  Shooting time is shorter, it seems.  I ventured out around 130 am, having left my camera outside to get used to the “cold” for a few hours. 


I headed up to Long Lake and none of the spots I wanted to shoot from were suitable (to much light).  I did find one, but I wasn’t happy with it.  So I ventured back towards Grand Isle and found a spot near the Golf Course.  After a few snaps there, I hit up the boat landing in Grand Isle. 


I noticed the moon was rising and headed into the sunset.  I had a place in mind.


Victoria’s Tree!

I knew the sunrise wouldn’t be super crazy spectacular – no clouds to capture the light, but I knew the colors around the tree would be fabulous!

I was right!


And lastly – back yard beauty!

Milky Way–8-4-2019

When I come home, clear nights are for going out and checking out the lovely light show that is our universe.


I did drag my wife with me for some of it and she sat in the car.  Smile – but she came! 


I did a lot of fiddling with lights and exposure and trying to get more than trees as my foreground.  I think some worked, some didn’t, but its all a learning process!


I am super happy with some of them.  Some I wish they’d turned out better, but its all in the fun of it and the adventure!


Being home means dark nights and not having to go to far for milkyway pics.  I wanted to head up to the mountain overlook, 1 – I don’t have an ATV anymore and 2 – the milkyway would have been out of sight from that vantage point. 


See those bright yellow streaks?  Those are fireflies!  Yes I got photobombed by fireflies.  Which was, sort of cool!


A lot of shooting stars this time around, as well as the “red” streaks which I suspect are satellites.  It was also hellva windy which made the trees move.  I went back and forth between 20, 25 and 30 second shots. 


Jupiter was also out and about last night.  These were all taken within less than a mile from home.


I then plopped myself in a potato field and took the last batch of pics.  I was getting slightly tired and cold!  But a great night over all, fireflies and all!



I have done night photography ONCE and it came out rather well.  I attempted it again, and fell flat.  Why?  My tripod didn’t rock.  Well, no it DID, it swayed back and forth and I didn’t get many good pics because of the breeze.  I have a new one now! 

These are the few pics that did come out.


The following day, I went to the Sugar Hill Lupine Festival.  I can say I did NOT take a picture of the pizza, but I assure you, it was picture worthy.


Sugar Hill is a small community but it’s gorgeous and friendly. 


This was at Hilltop Inn, the owner was sweet, I aske her if I could snap some flowers pictures she said to go right ahead, but I wanted to make sure, finding a stranger laying around on their belly on your lawn can be disconcerting!


My pizza in the making – ‘nuff said


I am part of a photo board on facebook, and I am pair with Shell, from O’ Canada!  Our 1st two week challenge was “In The Garden”.  A few of these flower photos ended up in the challenge.  She is editing hers, I may have to convince her to watermark hers and we can do a blog post. 

Rock On, Dot Com – 10-4

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