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Old School

Photos taken before the time of digital.  Imagine only having 24 opportunities to take the perfect picture.  Photography has taken a huge leap in popularity in the last few years – Mainly due to the fact that its become so easy with cheaper cameras, lens, and post processing to take a GREAT picture.  You take a “good” picture and make it great with post processing.  Back in “the day” you had to take a great pic right out of the camera. 


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016_14 (3)



A big old bull moose, taken on my way to Writer’s Group in Perham, Maine






This is just a wee little guy, a few hundred pounds – some of them get well over 800lbs.  Welcome to Maine Smile

IMG_2252 (2)

IMG_2247 (2)


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We have lots of moose in Northern Maine, and I mean, a LOT!  We lose drivers every year to fatal car accidents involving these creatures.  While not the prettiest of animals, nor the most graceful, it still has its moments.

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