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Day w/the Kids

I ventured up to le lake and had a day w/the kids while their mom went to finish some hours for her classes.  Viv picked the toys, and we took some pictures. 


No plants were hurt during this photoshoot!

New Camera

So I finally gave in and got a new camera.  To most people, that’s not a big thing, for me – its HUGE.

1st, which one do you get?  2nd, how much do I pay?  3rd, what features do I want?

I never have been one to make big purchases, but I put aside a few bucks every week and started researching.  It came down between the T5, the T5i, and the SL1 (all Canons as I’ve a great 18-270 lens). 

I settled on the T5i, mostly for the sensor review.  I ordered it from Abe’s of Maine, out of New Jersey (I don’t ask questions!).  I got an email from the company and I had to call them, I found out that the battery life with the normal battery sucks, so I tagged on a purchase of a super sized battery. 

My 1st round of taking pictures was a nice sunset along the tracks.





Getting use to a new camera is always a curve.  How it feels, the settings, where the buttons are.  Thankfully, most cameras are standard, but there is ALWAYS different things you can do.  I’ve still got a few kinks to work out!

Taos Pueblo

One one of my last weekends off, I headed to Taos and hit up the Pueblo there.  Gorgeous and peaceful.  Lots of artisians.  Lots of history. 






Firstly, the ride there was GREAT.  Lots of turns, and hills, and views.  And snow!  Made me miss home. 






I took my time, walked around for hours.  Bought Christmas presents.  Walked around some more. Had a meal. 






Stopping Time

Pictures are moments in time captured in a medium.  The medium used to be film.  And post processing was unheard of. Now we can tweak, add colors, remove objects.  The camera can do so many things, more than just capture a moment, but we can choose how we capture it.  Fast shutter speed, longer exposure time. 

While I was away at clinicals I found a fun little spot and sat around playing with camera settings.  This is what I got.  The beautiful thing about digital is that you can take as many pictures as you want and it doesn’t cost you a thing. 









Balloon Fest 2013

Last month was the annual balloon festival.  This is our second year in attendance.  Next year, as part of my “Oh my god I’ve graduated and have more than two pennies in my pocket” reward to myself.  I’m going for a ride.  I’m going to cough up the 180 bucks and go up.  Now, I’ll be going alone as everyone I’ve asked has said “Naw huh!”.  I’m not a fan of heights either, but the thought of what the views have to offer?  So going there. 

So this year, we had an added bonus.  My sister was going with her two kids, our nephews, Tyler and Ryan.  We don’t spend nearly enough time with them as we’d like.  Face it, I’m a full time college “kid” and when I go home I study, spend time with my wife or write.  We all met up and went for a walk around the staging are and we saw it.  The General Lee.  Eyes got wide and my sister and I smiled.  My brother, we’ve always said, is named after the General Lee. 




That’s Tyler, the oldest to the left and Ryan, the younger to the right.  The car really looked great. 

We walked some more and went to the bounce house.   Wasn’t a huge hit.  I think they preferred to check things out instead. 




They look nothing alike. 



And then, they took off.  One of the best parts of the day.

HDR-IMG_8745 HDR-IMG_8755 HDR-IMG_8760 HDR-IMG_8759 HDR-IMG_8766 HDR-IMG_8780


While the whole taking off thing is pretty darn cool, hot air balloons do something just as cool on the ground. 

They glow. 



The festival come around every year, opening part of August, if you’ve never been, I suggest you plot and plan for next year.  It really is worth it.  There are food venders, cotton candy (whooo hoo!) and a small craft fair.  And it doesn’t cost a thing to get in and watch.  Bring a sweat shirt for the chillier evenings, we do still live in Maine, you know.  And just enjoy. 


Sometimes, letting a kid be a kid is the best way to get those perfect moments on film (or in this case, on SD card, but that doesn’t sound as cool, does it?).



A sight seen often overhead here in the spring, another joy of living in Lille not far from the St. John River

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