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The Dells–Fall Addition–9-25-2019

I got out of work late so off to the Dells just for a walk!  It’s about a mile of “trail” and some fresh air. 


The pine needles litter the ground, and the air is nice and crisp even at 70 degrees. 


The sun was hitting the pond in a surreal way, and I did my best to capture it. 



I have done night photography ONCE and it came out rather well.  I attempted it again, and fell flat.  Why?  My tripod didn’t rock.  Well, no it DID, it swayed back and forth and I didn’t get many good pics because of the breeze.  I have a new one now! 

These are the few pics that did come out.


The following day, I went to the Sugar Hill Lupine Festival.  I can say I did NOT take a picture of the pizza, but I assure you, it was picture worthy.


Sugar Hill is a small community but it’s gorgeous and friendly. 


This was at Hilltop Inn, the owner was sweet, I aske her if I could snap some flowers pictures she said to go right ahead, but I wanted to make sure, finding a stranger laying around on their belly on your lawn can be disconcerting!


My pizza in the making – ‘nuff said


I am part of a photo board on facebook, and I am pair with Shell, from O’ Canada!  Our 1st two week challenge was “In The Garden”.  A few of these flower photos ended up in the challenge.  She is editing hers, I may have to convince her to watermark hers and we can do a blog post. 

Rock On, Dot Com – 10-4

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