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7.13.2012 – Quack


University Day–4.11.2012

I didn’t get to go to UD this year, as I had other commitments (the writing series I just posted about).  But, one of the things I’ve long loved about UMPI is that damn windmill.  I love windmills (I am seriously going to plant one behind my house someday just so I can lay under it and stare at it).  Fortunately, one night before class this spectacular sunset appeared and I hopped in my car so I could get a better view (and pictures).



Taken from the other side of campus




It took me a few shots to get the shutter speed right, but the blur of the blades didn’t take away from the spectacular shots.  Must love Maine sunsets! 


I’m so anxious for May 15th.  Do you know why? Because that is the day we are allowed in the ATV trails!  Spring ATV riding is fun, and muddy, and the green is just beginning in the trees.  Summer riding is all about the heat, the dust, and the beaming sun.  Fall is all about the colors!  And god, sometimes (most of the time) are they wondrous.







IMG_2144 (2)


This is Storm.  And this is the look I get all the time from her.  The “I want what you have” look. 


Jules still calls Storm “puppy”, and I keep reminding her, she’s not a puppy anymore.  But, she is our big baby.  We got her about a month after Julia moving in with me.  Which would be abut a month after we started dating. Yup, we U-Hauled it – we had to be pretty committed, we got a dog together after a month. 

I was looking through the vast amount of pictures that I have and I found these a few weeks ago.





That was on the 1st night that Storm got her new home with us.  She’s was a pain.  A cute pain.  She had a funny looking cow nose and was shy.  (That didn’t last long!)


We learned pretty quickly that she chewed through everything.  Including her cords and collars.  And so we upgraded on those pretty quickly.



She’s getting older, and so are we.  She gauges the length of our relationship, so this year she’ll be ten.  She still has moments of “Puppy Like Activity”.  Like diving in head first into a snow bank this week and pulling us along on her extra long leash all summer long and smelling everything! 


I guess she’s still kinna cute.










A sight seen often overhead here in the spring, another joy of living in Lille not far from the St. John River

016_14 (2)


1 (6)

Train tracks.  Symbolic.  How the lives of people can move parallel to one another but never touch, yet they are connected by moments (the cross wood/slats) that forever link them.  Train tracks are like memories they go forward and backwards but don’t deviate.  A symbol of freedom for slaves (The Underground Railroad) and in several novels, (Fahrenheit 451 for example).  Just a moment captured in time that will go on forever, much like the tracks so.

Back in the Day/Our House/Our Life

So today I went for a walk behind our house, snowshoeing. I was reminded of how many times I’ve been back there in my life.

I have walked in those potato fields, along those tracks, by the river, all my life. I have always walked the tracks, it was where I could go to think, and it was always there, I made up many characters while I was walking. I loved walking to the island, going around the potato fields.

I then started to think of all the other times I’d been back there as a kid. See, when Julia and I found our house I had simply brought her down the road where I had grown up. The small trailer I had lived in until I was 8ish was still there, as was the house next door. Which was for sale…..

I loved living in Lille when I was a kid. It was quiet (most of the time) and no one bothered you (most of the time). It’s eerie in a way to look at pictures from when I was younger and see OUR house in the background. Of course it’s different now, inside and out, but if you drive by you’ll know this is our home. The porch is now enclosed and the red trim is gone, but it’s the same house that was there when I was a kid. (that’s me and my younger sister, Lisa- someone was telling us to hold hand, this was NOT normal activity for us)

(That’s our back yard in the photo; the barn is gone as are the trees) Why my dad ever let me drive that tractor is beyond me! I was a terror on it. I never wrecked it though.

He did say, however, that I wrecked his car.

I maintain, to this day, that I had NOTHING to do with it! I was to short to reach the clutch. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. (Taken next door to, that’s right, OUR house).

So whenever I go outside, or walk across the backyard I think of all the things I used to do back there. Like mow the lawn (we actually mow my neighbor, Dean’s lawn, so I’m STILL mowing that lawn) or ride my kitty kat (we didn’t have much when we lived in Lille, but Dad always seemed to find beat up stuff and make ’em work).

Or riding in the back yard in this hopped up weird car thing that my Dad had built until I was sneezing so hard I couldn’t breathe (thank you, hayfever!)

So that day, almost 6 years ago (4 years into our relationship) we saw our house for sale. We didn’t talk about it, it was a done deal. We talked to the older couple, the Bechards that lived there and went to see the house. Yup, it was old. Yup, it was small (we don’t have kids, nor have we ever wanted any) But it was manageable, with room to expand later on where the garage was. It wasn’t perfect, but what house is? It was well in our price range (at the moment we pay less than 200 a month for our home, I won’t freak you out with the actual number). Rachel knew Julia’s family, and of course, they knew me since I had lived next door. Rachel and Roger’s granddaughter had the same birthday as I did. We went home to our apartment and in a few days we were on our way to being home owners. It was “our” house. Small, with a garden and raspberry bushes. You have no idea how giddy I was about the raspberry bushes.

Now! Owning a house isn’t easy. Sometimes it isn’t fun! Each time something happens it panics Julia, but it seems to end up for the better.

Our 2nd winter here, well, we had a whole lotta snow.

Then it melted.

We live like ½ a mile from the river. And it was in our back yard. Fun, huh?

Then the water left and brought the wall along with it.

Storm was very depressed.

Then! We had a leak. Usually that’s not a big deal, right?

That’s our ceiling, we had a leak and the ceiling came down. Yes, thrilling. This is when I nicknamed our house Matilda. I don’t know why, but at about the time I was losing my mind, and water was pouring from the ceiling, I just called her Matilda. The name stuck. This ended with us having to redo the kitchen. And here came the improvements!

Add storage, new walls, new trim.

New staircase. New bookshelf

But it’s our house, our back yard, our place to go to. It’s home.

Where Tyler played with his Tante Julia.

And whenever Rhys comes over, he heads off to the tracks – because, well, he’s my brother’s son!

It still has some of the best sunrises.

It’s home. Where we plant our roots, where we are safe, and where we love. No matter what is falling apart, how much it costs to heat (not that much!) it’s home.

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