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Rhys Adventures–10-19-2019

Long over due post, right! 


It was a dreary day, but Rhys and I were heading out – we had lunch at Grammy’s and then hit the river trail in Houlton – we had a blast.  I think his pics came out better than mine to be honest.


The day was chilly, but once we started hiking it warmed up and we found the river trail to be a nice hike, more of a walk to be honest.



Hey, guess what – it’s Fall! 

That’s right, winter is coming……

Don’t shoot the messenger.  My friend, Shell and I have these bi-monthly challenges going and of course, I hit up fall for this one.  It is October! 

We are allowed 5 photos (I do have honorable mentions this time around)


I was coming back from Maine, when I decided to go off the GPS path – and I spotted his in the water.  It’s a mini rock island, with a flag and a brilliant tree.  Took me a few shots to get the reflection “just” right.

02 - IMG_7926

I drove through Groveton my way to the hike that didn’t happen – and this is a bridge one of my former pts has often said “I’m going to go live under my bridge”.  I did show her this picture and she agreed that it captured the bridge in its full glory of fall.

03 - IMG_7897

I did a turn around when I saw this old barn and this wonderfully full color tree growing in front of it. 

05 - IMG_7905

I saw THREE bridges on my hike that never happened – this was the 1st.  Nothing spectacular, a one lane covered bridge.  It was the clear water under it that I wanted to capture.  After popping on my boots, slogging through wet underbrush – I snagged a few red and orange leaves on the shore and some clouds doing a build up to the rain that would eventually wash out my hike.

04 - IMG_7850

The last on my list is from my walk at The Dells – every time I go there I get a few great snaps. 

The sun was coming down, the leaves at the Dells are more yellow than bright red and orange.  I thought this captured the spirit of the Dells.

Honorable mentions are below. 


Winter is coming folks!  Enjoy the last of the fall. 

If you want to explore my friend, Shell’s blog – here is the link!  https://inmyeyesview.photo.blog/

Sun Set–Rocky Beaches

I say this ALL the time.  I love to chase the light.  I love the sun.  I love sunsets and sun rises.  I was having trouble catching a great sunset on the Island.  They are fleeting and I couldn’t find “the place”.  Then one of the CNA’s at the nursing home told me about the beach. 





So off I went, found the beach but the sun wasn’t right yet.  I headed up around the other end of the Island and found a place that the sky was just starting to color.




I took off and headed back to the beach and now the light was better.  I walked around, met a great dog who thought I was the devil.  *L*




I sat on the rocks and waited.  I am totally in love with my new lens.  It reacts quick, seems easier to use.  Also – no swapping lenses! 







The sun set slowly that night, so I had all the time in the world to roam around the rocky beach and snap a picture here and a picture there.  Some time to think.  Reflect.  Contemplate. 




I got back in the car before it got to dark and headed back to the dock I’d taken a few pictures at before and snapped a few more. 




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