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A calmly flowing river


The River Rises–3.22.2012

Typically, the walk that Julia and I took today  happens, oh, in April.  Where we go out back, for the first time without snowshoes, walk the tracks and checkout the rising water.  But, this year we did it today.  About 3 weeks early.  For the last two days we’ve had 70 degree weather.  In Northern Maine.  There are times when we don’t see 70 in June, much less May and April, but March?  IMG_5597

The river is about a quarter of a mile from the tracks, and I’m standing right on the tracks where I took this picture.  Yup, its rising.  We didn’t walk to the island, but that might be an adventure for the weekend.  HRD-IMG_5608

The river always rises, always threatens, always rages.  We’ve flooded before, but I don’t think we will this year, as no rain is in the forecast.  But, we’ll see, Mama Nature has her own plan.

Julia always comments on the ‘blue’ of the ice.  It’s one of those colors that looks odd in the water, dirty water, dirty snow and this liquid clear blue that is oddly surreal. 




Also, the ducks are back.  And the Geese.  A month early.  Give or take.  I’m rather excited to see what summer brings this year. 


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