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Middle Sugarloaf Trail–08-20-2019

An afterwork hike – I’d done the North trail, but time didn’t allow me the extra mile that night so back I went!


I got a few new props while in Boston, namely Rogue and Capt Marvel!  I have a few more but I didn’t use them.  Yes that is a smurf!


Talk about a nice view!  It was also super warm, even though it was windy.  Well worth the hike!


The whole hike took about 4 hours, mindful of the fact that 1 – I take a lot of pictures.  2 – I am a slow hiker.  The All trials states 2.6 miles, but my fitbit clocked me in at just under 4 miles.  I do take smaller steps, I do go around far more obstacles as well so it could be I just take more steps than the average hiker. 

The Basin–Lazy Day–7-28-2019

We had some killer heat the last week in NH and there was no long distance hiking to be had! 

So I hit up the Basin one afternoon, with my camera and a towel to hang out.


You can’t beat the water here in NH, clear and always flowing.  And the mushrooms are in abundance!


Yes, that IS A smurf! 

I picked him up when shopping for Hardy Boy books on the weekend.  I thought, well mushrooms = smurfs, right? 


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