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Castle In the Clouds and Littleton–10-11-2019

Jules said “no heights” which is limiting if you are in the White Mountains, but I made due! 


If you are ever in NH, this is a great place to go – gives you a wicked sense of what life as a super duper rich person is like.


Then we hung out in Littleton, did the river walk and waited for the sun to set – worth it!



Drive Home–09-12-2019

The monthly drive north – It cannot be prettier this time of year!


Some interesting clouds on the drive up this time around!


The harvest moon!  Full and bright and bringing in the fall weather. 


This is Victoria’s fave tree and I’m slowly collecting photos of it and someday I’ll make her a kick ass gift!


On the way home from Boston, via Portland – I saw the clouds and the sky changing so I pulled over and voila!


Back Yard Beauty and Mizpah–8-6-2019

We sent up to Mizpah for a short walk with Archer.  He is not always a fan of riding in the truck. 


Then home to a gorgeous sunset.IMG_7217IMG_7219IMG_7218

‘nuff said.

Back Yard Beauty–8-2-2019

This is sort of an on going series for me. Since I am only home for short periods of time, my back yard and home take on an ethereal feel for me.


Archer had fun in the lovely back field that was planted this year behind our house. 


There is something about the “wide openness” of Maine, more so in The Valley and Aroostook County. 


Archer enjoying the huge back yard, and his big ball he loves to lick for hours.


There really is no place like home.

After Ben & Jerry’s–7-19-2019

I went off after work Friday to Ben and Jerry’s!  You aren’t able to take pictures inside the place, and the ice cream was great!

Afterwards, I did get some time in two cemeteries.  Yes, you read that right……


You don’t really think of tombstones as beautiful, but they can be. 


05.24.2019–Time @ Home

We welcomed a new addition about a month ago, his name is Archer.  He’s slowly starting to fit in and get used to us and us to him. 


Back yard beauty!  I love my back yard and don’t spend enough time in it, since I travel. 


I went off for a walk to the pond and snagged a few pictures around an about. 


The light was great – spring brings different subjects to light


I walked up Ricky T’s driveway, I always find something to take a picture of there.


I then hit up the old Church, and got a few good shots.  A bit haunting to be honest.


And then – the tracks!


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