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11-10-2020–End of the Day

I ended my workday at home, and just as I was coming into Lille, the sky turned some gorgeous hues.


11-09-2020–My Office

When you do homecare, your car is your office.  I choose to see this as a positive.  When I was in Hancock County I would often find different places to park to call my pts for the next day. 


I went into a pts home and the sky was the prefect blue – so I took out my Rebel and took a snap.

Then, coming out, an hour later – the colors began to surface. 


I drove 2 miles down the road to the boat landing, snapped a few photos and then called all my pts. 

Around & About

I bring my camera w/me when I drive, why?  Well, I drive a LOT! 


These lovely geese were congregating around a great little pond. 


This is the sunset during my last week, the haze was making the sun seem super blazy. 


A blueberry field that looked spectacular against the blue of the sky and the green of the trees.


I went for a final walk on Roque’s Bluff Beach (well, for now!)

The sun was warm, it was quiet.  I just hung out. 


Then I saw this guy way off in the distance.  So I made my way over and watched him fish, and pluck, and eat.


Then, the sun began to set and the haze started to settle in.  All and all, I can’t say it was a bad day!

Sunflowers & Sunsets–08-19-2020

Some random photos from Lubec to Northern Maine


On the drive up from Machias I came across a field of sunflowers and the sky made a great contrast.


On my drive to Machias, there is this oddly interesting tree – w/a single tiger lilly under it.  I thought it would make for a few good photos.


Just a deer along my drive.


I decided after work, you know, on a day of 150 miles driven – to go for a drive.  I ended up in Lubec and a fiery sunset ensued. 


More sunflowers!  This time in Grand Isle, near Misty Meadows.  I wanted to see what sort of gauzy effect I could achieve and I think I did a decent job on a few. 

Weekly Update–8.15.2020

I do think I’m going to try and do a weekly format, unless I go out and do a big night shoot or something.  I have to get into the habit of bringing my Rebel w/me while I work as well.


It was sunny and hot in town.  I got to the beach and nope, fog!


I decided that after a day of driving 153 miles, I needed to drive some more!  I’d yet to visit Beals.  So I took off and headed down, stopping on the way at anything that looked half interesting.  The light started to get dusky early that evening.  It made for some dramatic lighting.


I headed out the next night and hit up Machiasport.  Driving some of the Bold Coast roads.  I can’t get really good sunset photos as the coast is facing in that direction.




On the way home Friday, there is a field of Sunflowers in Van Buren, so had to stop for a quick photo op!


I got home Friday, and the sun began to turn the sky pink, and orange and purple.  I jumped in the car and drove down to the island.  I got a few good snaps. 

08-01-2020–The Machias Move

I got a new job, In Machias Maine.  So that meant – moving!  Jules came down w/me to move me in.  We explored the area, and drove around on the Bold Coast byway. 


Then we swung into a beach in Jonesboro!


Then we ended up at Roque’s Bluff – which is our fave area.  It’s about 20 mins from my new apartment as well.


Then we did a quick stop at the falls in town, and headed home!


07-28-2020–Thunder and Sunsets

We have had so little rain this year, that the ground is bone dry.  We were graced with some rain and a nice sunset a few evenings ago. 


Then the lightning danced in a cloud and I got to have some fun playing with shutter speeds and then editing the photos.  Shooting in raw means you have to process that photo.  The color of the clouds were electric purple and wicked pinks.  I think I did a good job of bringing it out.  The first photo is of the cloud NOT lit by the lightning.


6.26.2020–Backyard Sunset

At first, I didn’t think it would be much of a sunset, but I was wrong.


Had a lot of pinks, and purples, and blue skies. 


As it got darker, the colors got deeper. 


06-24-2020–Sunsets, R&R Tracks and Wicked Skies

The camera, at times, can catch more than what the eye can see.  Like the milkway, for example.  I don’t over saturate or over HRD my photos, I try and keep them as close to what I see as possible. 


I played with my settings and let in more/less light for different shots. 


This sometimes allows me to get a deeper color in my photos without having to drag those sliders way over into “that’s to much” land.


06-15-2020–20 Mins of sunset photos!

The light started to change and I ventured out into the back yard to take a few photos – all of these were taken w/in 20 or so minutes and all in my back yard.


A few shots of the Iris’ and the blooms on Jules apple tree.


The potato fields right out back from my house. 


There is our super humble abode – and a wickedly awesome sunset.


I had to lighten these up a little to get the details out Smile


Moving into the side yard – when the light started to change again. 


My beloved railroad tracks.  And, hello there, Canada.


And lastly, my fence.  I wasn’t ever planning on putting up a fence but – you know – unruly neighbors – but no that it’s there, I love it!  It gives me a fun spot to take photos off and giving me some contrast and texture in my photos. 

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