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Ghost Trains–10-4-2019

First off – thank you Nick for leading the way!  You made a dream come true last week, you rock! 


We started out before the sun kissed the horizon.  The train of ppl grew as we moved closer to the area we were heading too.  A big old Grand Isle/Madawaska caravan! With several stops.


The walk is relatively short, the drive is not!  Worth every moment of it though!


It’s fascinating to walk into the clearing and see these monsters of metal.  And to think of the track laid down, and upkept for all those years. 


Awe inspiring. 

‘nuff said.


I blew out the background on some photos to get better detail of the trains.  And in some instances, it was hard getting the trains without someone crawling all over them!  Yet, still so much fun!


The colors were great that day as well, and yes, I brought Arrow with  me!


Then another short hike to another section of the ghost trains and more phenomenal pictures. 


I snagged a few in B/W as well as graded them later in lightroom.  I sometimes think B/W brings out more detail and also gives you that “back in time” feel.


Then the drive back home, and the day was over.  4 hours there, 4 hours back, about an hour at the trains and all these pictures and good memories to show for it!

Abandoned Trains in Bartlett, NH–06-26-2019

I went out looking for this place last week and didn’t find it.  Today it was hot, and the trailhead was packed.  So, I downloaded google earth (whoot for tech!) and found it!

Let’s start w/the black and white!


These are the color options, tada!  If you look super close, you can see the photographer (moi) in the lens ball.  I didn’t notice it when I was taking the pictures due to the bright sun. 

Did I mention it was hot?


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