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Vermont Drive–09-20-2019

I took drive over to VT “just cuz”.  I can stop when I want when I have no destination in mind.  No where to go but “somewhere” can be fun. 


I came up on this lake in VT, which was crystal clear and cold.  I snapped a few pictures and drove on back home.


Then I pulled over and snapped one last picture….. 


Hope Cemetery–7-27-2019

I took off one afternoon, a HOT afternoon, and went out to VT to check out this famous for its headstones Cemetery. 


Wow.  Some of these head stones/monuments are gorgeous.  And – HUGE!  I can’t even imagine what kind of work goes into this.


I really liked these happy faces.  They reminded me of a prop I bring with me (and hadn’t that day, darn it!) who’s name is Ballsy. 


Did you see the Superman inspired headstone?  I love it!  I want one.  I know my wife won’t let me.  But, I LOVED it, none the less! 


That race car must have weighed 4 tons.  It is huge and gorgeous.  These photos were nowhere near my comfort zone of taking pictures, however, I think that’s part of photography, getting out of your comfort zone. 

After Ben & Jerry’s–7-19-2019

I went off after work Friday to Ben and Jerry’s!  You aren’t able to take pictures inside the place, and the ice cream was great!

Afterwards, I did get some time in two cemeteries.  Yes, you read that right……


You don’t really think of tombstones as beautiful, but they can be. 


06-15-2019–VT Road Trip!

Sometimes you do not need a destination.  My goal was to – drive!

I picked a road and drove, heading towards Vermont.  I picked a town.  Literally at random and hit – go!  Lupines!!!


I love playing with perspective and focal points, I’m not great at it, but I like doing it.  Looking at a flower from the ground up is different then when you look at it from above.


I loved that the clouds were coming in.  The sky is such an interesting place.  Some people love that sold blue.  I do as well, but give me interesting clouds any day!


As I mentioned, I am part of a Facebook Photo Page that does challenges.  Our challenge, if we accepted, I did, was “in the garden”.  So the last two weeks I’ve spent a lot of time looking a flowers Smile


I saw this out of the corner of my eye and totally brought me to Stephen King’s It!  The old MiniSeries?  Where he is standing there in the swampy area?  I don’t know, I loved it I promptly slapped on the brakes and ventured along the road, down the embankment, and snapped a few pics. 


Driving around I think in Lancaster?  I saw a trail on the side of the road by the bridge.  Stop I did!  I found this old abandoned factory.  So, in I went!


The most unlikely stops.  A Jehovah Witness Church.  Great pinks!


Last, but not least – I stopped over in Sugar Hill.  I had scouted this place for some night photography, it looks great in the daytime as well!

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