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Bar Harbor

The week after I got home from nine weeks away, I whisked my wife off to Bar Harbor.

Note: My wife doesn’t like to do things outside our norm.  Little by little, we have been.  1 – we’ve never had MONEY to do this.  Not that we have that much more now, but there are many things to do that don’t cost an arm and a leg. 

I didn’t take many pictures, mainly because my camera (now upgraded) was giving me a hard time. 

We hit up Acadian National Park for a little hike, grabbed snacks, went to the beach (which I took no pictures of, instead I just watched my wife with glee as she visited the beach for the 1st time)


There is this really wicked hike you can take, walking on boards all around the pond – the water is crystalline. 









We are NOT the selfie taking couple.  Actually, I hate being in any type of photo at all.  However, Jules being at her 1st beach ever, had to be captured. 

Intro to Deer Isle

The wife and I took a quick jaunt to Deer Isle before I began my job there.  Great Island, certainly want to go back someday in the summer!





Stopping Time

Pictures are moments in time captured in a medium.  The medium used to be film.  And post processing was unheard of. Now we can tweak, add colors, remove objects.  The camera can do so many things, more than just capture a moment, but we can choose how we capture it.  Fast shutter speed, longer exposure time. 

While I was away at clinicals I found a fun little spot and sat around playing with camera settings.  This is what I got.  The beautiful thing about digital is that you can take as many pictures as you want and it doesn’t cost you a thing. 









The River Rises–3.22.2012

Typically, the walk that Julia and I took today  happens, oh, in April.  Where we go out back, for the first time without snowshoes, walk the tracks and checkout the rising water.  But, this year we did it today.  About 3 weeks early.  For the last two days we’ve had 70 degree weather.  In Northern Maine.  There are times when we don’t see 70 in June, much less May and April, but March?  IMG_5597

The river is about a quarter of a mile from the tracks, and I’m standing right on the tracks where I took this picture.  Yup, its rising.  We didn’t walk to the island, but that might be an adventure for the weekend.  HRD-IMG_5608

The river always rises, always threatens, always rages.  We’ve flooded before, but I don’t think we will this year, as no rain is in the forecast.  But, we’ll see, Mama Nature has her own plan.

Julia always comments on the ‘blue’ of the ice.  It’s one of those colors that looks odd in the water, dirty water, dirty snow and this liquid clear blue that is oddly surreal. 




Also, the ducks are back.  And the Geese.  A month early.  Give or take.  I’m rather excited to see what summer brings this year. 


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