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Our Oh So Serious dog. 

Storm is 13 this year, she is as old as our relationship. 



Setting Suns


I love the sunrise, but I adore the sun setting.  There is no other light like it. 







IMG_1018 (3)IMG_1088-2


Storm:  Our lovely pup.  We got her about a week after we moved in together (Talk about not having commitment issues, huh!) 


Photos taken before the time of digital.  Imagine only having 24 opportunities to take the perfect picture.  Photography has taken a huge leap in popularity in the last few years – Mainly due to the fact that its become so easy with cheaper cameras, lens, and post processing to take a GREAT picture.  You take a “good” picture and make it great with post processing.  Back in “the day” you had to take a great pic right out of the camera. 


1 (6)

2 (7)


016_14 (3)

It’s that time of year when the blooms on the potatoes begin to emerge, letting us know what is beneath the earth.  Golds, blues, purples, reds – all different blooms. 


Photos taken along the St. John River – One a lovely summer evening when the water decided to take a siesta from its constant dance with the shores….










Skylite Drive-In



I have several great memories of the Drive-In. 

In 1982 I have a vivid memory of going to the Drive-In with my best friend, Jason, his mom and his little sister, Joy.  I remember watching Joy fight sleep and I’m not sure if she succumbed or not.  Not long thereafter, Jason and Joy moved to Florida.  The year after I watched Return of the Jedi, and while I’d watched the other two movies previously this one seemed to capture my 10yo imagination and I realize that imagination had no limits. 


There are very few good Drive-Ins that still exist; they are like the dinosaurs, slowly dying out, leaving their bones of fallen screens and broken speakers. 

In the 50s they were packed solid virtually every evening, in the 70s, many turned to porn to make ends meet.  In the 80s they began to fade away to the big cinemas and sit down theatres.   Summers were for enjoying time with your friends, socializing, but kids aren’t like kids used to be – twitter and facebook and text messages are their way of socializing.


We never realize what a little nugget of history we have here in Northern Maine with the Skylite, and how many people have never been to a Drive-in. It’s still family owned and family run, Evan or Devon man the dough boy making, Donna takes your cash. You can chit chat while you wait and catch up and share a few laughs.


When Jules and I began to “date” we never had a lot of cash, but we managed to go to the Drive-in a few times a summer. It was “date” night. Dough boys, soda, a movie. A rare late night as we are usually in bed early.


You can still sit outside and listen to the speakers (yes, they work!) Or sit in your car and tune into the radio (or use the speakers!) or do as many people do, bring chairs and enjoy the movie under the stars. 



I hope this wonderful place never disappears and turns into a relic as many of the other drive-ins in the US have.  That even if we drive out each night, that we can eternally drive-in, stay, have a fried Oreo (its good!  I SWEAR!), a dough boy, maybe even an gigantic pickle – bring the kids and have them experience a sliver of history.


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