Just A Maine Girl Embarking on Adventures

At first, I didn’t think it would be much of a sunset, but I was wrong.


Had a lot of pinks, and purples, and blue skies. 


As it got darker, the colors got deeper. 


A gorgeous field of Lupines!  Taken along route 161. 


The camera, at times, can catch more than what the eye can see.  Like the milkway, for example.  I don’t over saturate or over HRD my photos, I try and keep them as close to what I see as possible. 


I played with my settings and let in more/less light for different shots. 


This sometimes allows me to get a deeper color in my photos without having to drag those sliders way over into “that’s to much” land.


Well, that didn’t happen.  I invited my nephew, Rhys to come out doing some night photography with me.  I don’t think he understood the scope of the undertaking.


We took a test shot and Rhys thought it was cool.  He was slightly off put by the dark tho! 


I had him pose for a photo.  I came out slightly blurry because he never cease to move!


We caught some falling stars as well! 


We stopped at a barn in Van Buren and avoiding the cars lights were fun, but full on worth it!


The last stop, because, Rhys, at this point was snoring, was the Acadian Village.  I got some pretty decent shots there.

Here is hoping to a clear night again soon!

The light started to change and I ventured out into the back yard to take a few photos – all of these were taken w/in 20 or so minutes and all in my back yard.


A few shots of the Iris’ and the blooms on Jules apple tree.


The potato fields right out back from my house. 


There is our super humble abode – and a wickedly awesome sunset.


I had to lighten these up a little to get the details out Smile


Moving into the side yard – when the light started to change again. 


My beloved railroad tracks.  And, hello there, Canada.


And lastly, my fence.  I wasn’t ever planning on putting up a fence but – you know – unruly neighbors – but no that it’s there, I love it!  It gives me a fun spot to take photos off and giving me some contrast and texture in my photos. 


The kids and I took an afternoon adventure last week, scouting out Milky Way spots for next week.  And we got some pictures along the way.


We hit up a few abandoned houses – which is a thing Rhys loves to do.  I also snagged some flower shots.


We visited a fave abandoned house on Rt 161 – and its slowly falling apart more and more. 


This was the first time we brought my niece, Vivian with us.  Once we left the first abandoned house, all she did was talk about the “dead bodies” in the house.  Rhys and I got a good laugh about it. 


I took out my camera on a rainy day and attempted to get some lightening photos.  Nada! 


and Superheroes!

Rhys and I took a few shots of the superheroes the other afternoon.


My wife got a few new hummingbird feeders……


Then the rain came.  And I played with shutter speed.  A stream of fast moving water becomes a drop and a drop of water becomes an all out explosion when landing.


Then – the hummingbirds – after I finished putting them up, I sat on the patio for a few moments, and the next thing I knew – swat!  My Superman hat goes flying AND I get hit in the head by a zinging hummingbird…… 


My first stop, after getting some establishing shots on teh track,  was Pelletier Island’s causeway.  While driving one evening, I eyeballed it and thought I might have a good shot at some photos.  I was correct!


Then, in my trek around the lake – I found myself at the boat landing – across from Pelletier Island! 


Then I stopped in at Lakeview, but no joy – it was behind the mountains.  So, me and the HRV took off and headed up towards Eagle Lake – and in a potato field…..


I struck a bit of gold in the 1st photo.  A shoot star!  I get rather lucky when I go out and tend to catch one every time. 

Our friend, Jodi, got Jules and I some pop funko figures “just cuz” so I spent a few mins w/the kids taking some poses!


Then the sun began to set……


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