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11-12-2020–Five Minute Photo Shoot–Presque Isle

I had to go to Presque Isle for work.  The sky was some interesting colors, so I pulled over – and snagged a few photos.  I used both the flash and no flash – I found the flash did a great job of highlighting the wood on the cabin, and made it pop with a faster shutter speed. 


11-10-2020–End of the Day

I ended my workday at home, and just as I was coming into Lille, the sky turned some gorgeous hues.


11-09-2020–My Office

When you do homecare, your car is your office.  I choose to see this as a positive.  When I was in Hancock County I would often find different places to park to call my pts for the next day. 


I went into a pts home and the sky was the prefect blue – so I took out my Rebel and took a snap.

Then, coming out, an hour later – the colors began to surface. 


I drove 2 miles down the road to the boat landing, snapped a few photos and then called all my pts. 

11-01-2020–Mini Photo Shoot

I got bored!  I had gotten some new light sources and thought – One minute each “pose”. 


A seashell Jules found in Machias.


A few knickknacks.


Played around w/the brightness of the light sources and positioning. 


A clam shell and bracelets – I used a few different gradients on these for fun.

10-10-2020–Random shots of the week

I usually carry my camera w/me during my work days and do 5 minute photoshoots.


I swung into the Frenchville boat landing and snapped a few photos.


Then a few moments of backyard beauty, before the storm a few weeks ago.


And a few shots outdoors, of a squirrel!  And our backyard thru a lensball, and my tiny vial of very small sea glass Smile

Deer, Baby Sandpiper, and Boats

On the drive down one Monday this pretty one darted across my view.


After work one day I drove down a Bold Coast Road and pulled off to a boat landing.


Sunflowers at Night with a Guest Appearance by the Milkyway–08-21-2020

A quick 15 min batch of sunflower photos. 


Sunflowers & Sunsets–08-19-2020

Some random photos from Lubec to Northern Maine


On the drive up from Machias I came across a field of sunflowers and the sky made a great contrast.


On my drive to Machias, there is this oddly interesting tree – w/a single tiger lilly under it.  I thought it would make for a few good photos.


Just a deer along my drive.


I decided after work, you know, on a day of 150 miles driven – to go for a drive.  I ended up in Lubec and a fiery sunset ensued. 


More sunflowers!  This time in Grand Isle, near Misty Meadows.  I wanted to see what sort of gauzy effect I could achieve and I think I did a decent job on a few. 

07-28-2020–Thunder and Sunsets

We have had so little rain this year, that the ground is bone dry.  We were graced with some rain and a nice sunset a few evenings ago. 


Then the lightning danced in a cloud and I got to have some fun playing with shutter speeds and then editing the photos.  Shooting in raw means you have to process that photo.  The color of the clouds were electric purple and wicked pinks.  I think I did a good job of bringing it out.  The first photo is of the cloud NOT lit by the lightning.


7-21-20202–Deer, sunset, comet–oh My

I hoofed it down to Bangor last week for some training for my new job – and it was Deer Heaven.


I got home on Tuesday evening, tired, but not sleep.  Jules went to bed and I decided I was going to stay out and have a fire.  Then the sun began to set. 


I took a quick job to the main road and saw how clear it was going to be.  I snagged a few photos and took out my Sky map and picked out where the NEOWISE comet would be. 


I managed to get a few decent photos of it.  I also managed to get a few Milkyway photos, which was super bright!


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