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Quarantine Photo Shoot 2–3.31.2020

Still locked up (not really, but you all know what I mean!) and today I banged out a few photos in about 20-30 mins.  This is keeping me on my toes, so I’ll keep doing them!


A little history about that paperweight.  My bestest friend in grad school, Jason – left in 1982/83 – and the next time he visited (we were 12ish?) Jason tossed this box at me, and almost took my head off (Yes he loves me!) and inside was this – I’ve had it ever since and I always keep it where I can see it.  And today, it came out to play Smile


That is not a normal sized slinky!  It’s a mini 🙂 – something I must have picked up somewhere.  I also bought some cheap white boards – Again, working on a lot of different post processing methods. 


The sand is from the White Sands in New Mexico.  I played around with some texture and backing – and moving around a light source. 


I found a bunch of free plug ins/presets – and have been playing around w/them and I have to admit – some of them are great!  This concludes my latest fast photo shoot!

Quarantine Photo Shoot–3.26.2020

As the world knows, we’re on lock down.  So I’ve been slightly bored, and sick, I have bronchitis.  But, I was feeling creative the other day.  Out came the camera!


Firstly, meet Domino – he’s one of our new kittens (his brother, Nimbus comes around later) – He decided to photobomb me.  I have been watching a lot of Peter Peter Mckinnon on youtube,  He’s a vid blogger from O Canada and his style of photography is wicked cool. I can’t afford his presets – but I have watched most of his videos so I’ve been recreating some.  He has some great early vids about texture, and etc.  Very much worth a watch!


I spent a year and a quarter of my PTA career in Stonington, ME.  One of the things I loved to do, was find places to photography the sunset, or even the middle of the day.  Inevitably, you find sea glass.  I’d always go home with a pocket full, and then come home to Northern Maine, and put them in jars.  My sister in law was kind enough to give me a few new ones so I spent a some time dividing them into smaller, color coded jars.  When the sun hit, it really picks up the colors.  I used a basket for some textured background.  And my keys made an appearance, of course. 


As you can see, Domino came back for a 2nd guest appearance.  I took out my lens extenders, that changes the focal point and allows you to take pictures closer in macro.


Say hello to Nimbus – he is more of a poser and decided that my photo table was now “his” and I decided to do some snaps of the lil guy. 


After Nimbus took his leave, I played some more with a few objects – and then in post, several different *looks*.  I’m going to try and do at least one day of photos a week during this lock down time, gotta do something, right? 

Quarantine Day 2! 3.18.2010

I’m not working at the moment, so when my sister in law’s kids were not going to school. I said “I’ll help!” 

My SIL has some great props around the house, so today whilst my niece and nephew were doing homework, I took out the camera.


My niece, Vivian, started to rummage in my camera bag and found all my legos.  We went over all the names, and how to sound them out (She’s 4) – and after a while, I sat by the Typewriter and she brought me each super hero – and we sounded out their names, and she found the 1st letter than correlated to the superhero’s name.  We gotta get creative, right?


So to all the moms and dads who are struggling w/the kids being at home – we got this.  We can all pitch in and support each other from afar and – well, we got this.  Until them – Dream Big Smile


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